So this is D.C., eh?

So this is D.C., eh?

This week has flown by! I had my first class, settled in to my new internship, and some new friends and I are gearing up for InternsRock!! This week has been all business but that won't stop us from having some fun.


Just a quick note in case you're wondering why my first week is later than most of the other bloggers. For the summer internships there are two groups, term and quarter. They are staggered by one week -- term starts a week earlier but ends a week earlier. My fellow blogger Kate and I are in the quarter group, which is where all the cool people are!


The first day of week one was orientation day -- where you meet some of the other interns in your program and the heads of The Washington Center who explain what TWC is all about. I’m in the International Affairs program and, as part of our programming, we will meet on Monday afternoons to hear from different speakers and attend events relevant to our field. On Monday we heard from guest speakers from The Art of Living Foundation who showed us some valuable anti-stress exercises. You can imagine how useful those can be in D.C! Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is very important and I encourage you to check out the link.


Monday was also the first day of my TWC class, "White Collar Crime." It's a very interesting class and believe me when I tell you the professor, Leon Buck, is not like any professor you've ever had. He will put you on the spot and is relentless at getting answers out of you but don't worry, according to Leon, "it's the easiest class you'll ever have!". I don't know about that but it can certainly be the most stressful class if you don't know your stuff! At TWC there were a lot of interesting classes to choose from and it was difficult to choose only one, but if you're interested in law, I highly recommend it. If you do your homework, "White Collar Crime" is a very fun class to take and you'll get a real taste for what you can expect in law school.


Interning at Amber Road


As I mentioned briefly, Amber Road facilitates trade for large companies that sell goods around the world by taking care of all the little details that are required for bringing a good across a border. For my internship, I had the option of interning at a law firm or something more related to law but I didn't want to end up pushing papers because I have no legal background. I want to practice international law so it only made sense to get some experience with a company at an international level.


I intern with the Global Content department for Latin America and everyone at Amber Road is amazing! They provide a lot of support but also entrust you with a lot of responsibility and real tasks, which I appreciate! Let's be honest, not all internships give you meaningful work and unfortunately I know of a few interns in that predicament. That's why it's important to do your homework before selecting an internship to get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


There are some projects that will span my entire internship, like updating current trade regulations for different countries, but what I really enjoy are those unexpected assignments that fall in your lap. Today for example, my boss has some concerns about the lack of any official trade publications coming from a particular South American country and has asked me to follow up and investigate! If you think bureaucracy is frustrating here, you can only imagine what it's like in some of these countries I'm dealing with, but I love it! I get to call up government officials in different countries and try to navigate the red tape to get some answers. I'll let you know in a week or so if I'm still this excited.


InternsRock! 10 Days of Intern Appreciation


Washington, D.C. gets over 20,000 interns over the summer which equates to 20,000 broke students looking for handouts and InternsRock doesn't disappoint! There are discounts at restaurants and businesses all over D.C., events like 50 percent off sideline tickets to see D.C. United play, and even free admission to different museums! Washington is an expensive city so if someone wants to give you a deal, take it! Some friends and I plan on going to as many events and places as possible then I'll short list the best that InternsRock has to offer. Time to get my free stuff!


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