Coming to America!

Coming to America!

Over the next 10 weeks I’m going to show you what it is like to be an intern in Washington D.C., from my first day to my last, the good and the bad!


Who am I? My name is Chris. I made the trip from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which most people know for having the largest mall in North America (what else are you going to do in the winter?) and as the home of the Edmonton Oilers! Okay, so they might not be the best hockey team right now but remember the Gretzky days?? Neither do I. I’m going into my fourth year at Concordia University College of Alberta finishing a degree in business with a minor in philosophy. I plan on continuing to law school and I’m currently studying for the LSAT.


This summer I will be interning with Amber Road, the world’s leading provider of Global Trade Management solutions. Essentially, they handle of the international trade details for large global companies, like P&G or Nike, and ensure they are compliant with the many regulations, tariffs, and trade agreements in each country they do business in. I work in the global content department for Latin America (yes, I speak Spanish!) but I’ll tell you more about that later.


Arriving in Washington D.C.


First impressions are everything and I was impressed! If you can choose what D.C. airport you fly in to, choose Reagan National Airport and sit on the left side of the plane, what a view! When the pilot announced our approach into D.C. I could feel the anticipation growing and I scoured the landscape below hoping to spot any monument I could and I wasn’t disappointed! The plane approaches D.C. from the west and as it gets closer to the city it banks right and follows the Potomac River toward Reagan National. The first thing you see is the unmistakeable stretch of monuments, starting at the Lincoln Memorial, to the Washington Monument, and along the reflecting pools to Capitol Hill. The view is breathtaking and that’s when it hits you -- you’re about to intern in the nation’s capital, brushing shoulders with lawmakers and dignitaries from around the world.


Checking into The Washington Center


I arrived the day before check in because I’m a bit of a keener but it gave me a chance to see Washington before diving head first into the life of an intern. I stayed near Dupont Circle and on a Saturday night, it is the place to be! Lots of restaurants and bars to explore, I made a mental note to come back with friends.


I arrived later in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday was check-in at The Washington Center so I didn’t get too much time to explore. Something I really enjoyed was the monuments and parks that dot the city, creating a green oasis among the towering buildings.


Great place for a power nap!


I wanted to explore more but it was time to begin my summer as an intern and I made my way towards The Washington Center’s Residential and Academic Facility (RAF), my home for the next 10 weeks.


The  RAF is located in NoMa (The North of Massachusetts Avenue area), an up-and-coming neighborhood full of character. The Washington Center has a few housing locations throughout the D.C. area but, as the name implies, the RAF is also where a lot of the classes take place. Arrival night is also housing orientation where we get to meet other interns and find out more about where we’ll be spending the next 10 weeks.


The RAF!


It’s time for me to settle in to my new place and meet my new roommates but don’t worry, I’ll post more soon!


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