The Best Part of My D.C. Experience

The Best Part of My D.C. Experience

Oh, the people you'll meet, the places you'll go. While interning in D.C. you'll attend luncheons, seminars, talks, networking events -- you name it. Interning in D.C. is all about networking and making new friends. Make sure to get out and meet as many people who have as little in common with you as possible. These are the people that are going to teach you, force you to grow, and remind you about how much there still is to discover in this world. And as an intern, never forget the value of a free lunch, of which there are many if you know who to talk to and where to look.


It's Who You Know


I've met so many great people here through The Washington Center and that alone makes the experience worth it! Don't get me wrong, I'm having an amazing time at my internship and the programs offered through TWC have been invaluable, but being able to share those experiences with friends is what really makes your time in D.C. memorable. There will be lots of get-togethers in people's apartments, mini getaways, D.C. sightseeing, and happy hours that you will be invited to and no matter how tired you might feel, just say yes!


"Why Are You Sleeping Behind the Couch??"


Your roommates will be a big part of your daily life and I got lucky with mine, we all get along really well. There is the guy who has everything -- from a bottle opener (very useful) to vanilla extract (who thinks to buy that stuff??); but the best part, HE JUST BOUGHT A BLENDER!! Thanks roomie!!


Then, there is El Cubano! He is my actual roomie (we share a room) and is the cleanest, most organized, funniest guy I've met at TWC! When he's not on the phone getting cooking instructions from his mom he's hitting up all the latin clubs in D.C. He is the salsa king and a ruthless heartbreaker!


Then there is the Couch Guy, who always sleeps on your couch and eats your food, but you just can't be upset at! There is a story behind the name "Couch Guy." During the power outages in the DC area, Couch Guy stayed over because it was incredibly hot in his apartment without A/C. The next morning I wake up and cross the living room to go to the bathroom and he is sleeping on floor, no biggie. A few moments later I'm heading back to my bedroom and he's gone! His shoes and all his stuff were there but he was nowhere to be found! Don't ask me why but he got up, moved the couch away from the wall and went back to sleep behind it! Now you understand why you can't be mad at him.


To round out our eclectic group, we have a Kung Fu master who will try and climb everything, and Jordan, but somehow it all works. This, of course, is only our core group, it isn't even half of the friends I've made while in D.C. Instead of listing them all off and risking leaving someone out, I'll let the pictures do the talking.


Taking in the Pride Parade at Dupont Circle.


Home at last after a long bus ride from Atlantic City.


At the D.C. United game against Montreal Impact.


At the NoMa metro stop.


At an intern appreciation event.


Like a boss.


Keepin' it real!


Good looking group!


Your time in D.C. will be so short so introduce yourself to everyone you meet and don't be shy! I might even miss these guys....

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