American Intern Abroad

American Intern Abroad

Although a large part of my experience this summer is based on the fact that I am spending it in another country, I am more than just a study-abroad student. I am a study-abroad intern! I am able to not only experience London as a student and tourist, but also as a member of its working class (even though I am, unfortunately, not being paid), and it's time I showed some blog-love to my really great (it's true!) internship.


I am working at James Media, Ltd. It is an online publishing company located in West London, right near Portobello Road (if any reader has seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks, they will understand why that is so cool!). I answer directly to the owner of the company, James Wood, and it has been a pleasure. James publishes various websites, specializing in travel, with some retail as well. His most popular site is World Reviewer -- it is one of the most renown travel websites in the U.K., if not the world. Since my area of interest within publishing lies mainly in education, I wasn't aware of exactly how accomplished James Media was and is, until James gave me the task of managing the World Reviewer Twitter account -- which has 10,000 followers. Talk about intimidating!


Although I am currently pursuing a career in educational publishing, it was a rather recent choice that I made; up until the beginning of my junior year, I was sure that I was going to become an English teacher after graduating. After taking a few education courses, however, I quickly realized it wasn't for me, and did a quick turnaround to try and focus on educational publishing, an area in which I could combine my love for writing and editorial work, and my passion for education. My internship is the first I've had in any sort of publishing company, and I feel really fortunate to be working for this one in particular. James assigns me a variety of projects, and then trusts me to complete them on my own. Although he does check in, and I send him work to review, for the most part, it is a wonderful feeling to know that your supervisor believes you to be capable of doing your job correctly. Currently, I am working on editing images of men's waistcoats, long ties, and bowties, for a re-launch of the Dunford Wood website, which is another that James is working on. The images I am editing will be loaded directly onto the new website, which is very exciting. I am also working to compile a database of hotels around the world, which will be input onto one of the travel websites.


Often, interns are given work that can seem meaningless, and I am truly grateful and fortunate to feel like my work actually makes a difference to James Media. So far, this internship has further motivated me to pursue a career in publishing, because it has been very rewarding. I think it is really important for employers and supervisors to know how large of an impact they really can have on an intern's future professional career -- who knows, the intern you assign to stuff envelopes could one day be a leader in the field! That's it for now from this side of the pond, stay tuned for more updates on my internship as well as my life as a Londoner! Cheers!

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