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A Look Back: Cheers!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

All good things must come to an end, right? Well I can hardly believe that two and a half months ago, I was packing my bags for two weeks in D.C. and two months abroad. Don't get me wrong -- some days it felt like I was going to be there for two year

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alright, I'll admit it: I had a countdown of the days until I came home while in London. I know, I know -- I was in one of the most amazing cities in the world, in a fantastic program, had a great internship, and was there with great friends, but I still was beyond excited to come home. I had a love-hate relationship with London throughout, and especially after coming down with a serious stomach bug, I just couldn't shake the feeling of homesickness. However, my last week in the U.K.

Heaven is in the South of France

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crystal blue waters, clear skies, extraordinary food, kind people, and sun: welcome to my version of heaven, which just so happens to overlap exactly with the atmosphere and climate of the south of France. From last Wednesday to this Monday, I was able to spend time in Cagnes-Sur-Mer, Nice, and Monte Carlo. It was absolutely unforgettable.

There's No Place Like Home...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I can't believe that as I write this post, there are only 7 more days until I am back in the states. At present, I am in the south of France, in a small town called Cagnes-Sur-Mer. The people are friendly, the food is amazing, my hotel room looks right out over the Mediterranean Sea, and it has been nothing but sunny and beautiful since I arrived. Yet, I still can't help thinking about how excited I am to return home.  

My Heart Belongs to Scotland!

Monday, July 09, 2012

My lovely readers: I have some pretty sad news. After spending two days in Edinburgh this past weekend, I have returned to London -- without my heart. It is officially the property of Scotland. My trip there was, without a doubt, the highlight of my Intern Abroad experience thus far. I am already trying to plan a return trip as soon as possible! It is full of tradition, cobblestone streets, friendly Scots with spectacular brogues, and more history than you could imagine.  

Hello, hello, hello again my amazing readers! I know I'm overdue on a post and it might seem like I'm slacking -- but I'm not! This week marks three more weeks I have left here in the U.K. until I fly back to the U.S., and while I can't wait to get my butt on that plane, I feel like I still have so much I want to do while I'm here!

O is for Oxford!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

London is brilliant: it is the largest city in the United Kingdom, largest urban zone in the European Union, the world's most visited city, had a population of about seven million people in 2010, has the largest concentration of higher education establishments in Europe at an amazing 43 colleges and universities, and contains the oldest underground network in the world. The city, does, however, lack one thing: a feeling of British-ness.  

American Intern Abroad

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Although a large part of my experience this summer is based on the fact that I am spending it in another country, I am more than just a study-abroad student. I am a study-abroad intern! I am able to not only experience London as a student and tourist, but also as a member of its working class (even though I am, unfortunately, not being paid), and it's time I showed some blog-love to my really great (it's true!) internship.  

A Joyous Jubilee

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hello again, readers! I wanted to update you briefly on an experience I had this weekend that I never would have had elsewhere, or at any other time: the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Over the course of this long weekend, the United Kingdom celebrated Elizabeth II's sixtieth anniversary on the throne -- in style! The British are extraordinarily proud of their monarch, and Her Majesty has acquired a permanent place in the hearts of her subjects. Crowd counts ran into the millions, as people stood on the banks of the Thames in mist and cold to celebrate Her Majesty.  

A Long Day's Journey into...the UK!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello Readers! Welcome to my TWC Intern Abroad blog. Just a quick little bit about me before I get into all the super juicy and interesting things that I have experienced these past 4 days: my name is, obviously, Theresa, and I am living abroad for the next two months in London, England. I am working with The Washington Center as well as CAPA (an organization that specializes in education abroad) to complete a program in the UK which lasts for 8 weeks.

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