A Taste of Home

A Taste of Home

"Can you say that again?"   "Where are you from?"  "You have to be from Mississippi or Alabama."  And my personal favorite..."You sound like the ladies from The Help."  These are the kinds of comments I have been getting since moving to D.C.  So after I got over the initial shock of learning that I have an accent, I decided to embrace my Mississippi roots. Here is a quick guide to finding your own taste of home even in the big city.


Mississippi on the Mall with Dr. Borsig and Whitney.


I recently went to an event entitled Mississippi on the Mall.  My university, the Mississippi University for Women, invited me to attend and network with some local alumni.  The highlight of the evening included fried catfish, sweet tea, and a Mississippi blues band.  The next day I went to Chef Geoff's where I had a delicious plate of shrimp and grits.  Between the food and the room full of southern accents, I couldn't help but feel at home!


@ Chef Geoff's


Other places I had to try out....

* Southern Hospitality... The name says  it all.

* Hot & Juicy Crawfish... Once again, the name says it all.


Yes, the bibs were necessary!


Ideas for finding your own taste of home:

1. Connect with your school's D.C. alumni! They'll have great stories as well as advice.

2. Have your Mom email you the recipes for your favorite dishes (unless you are like me and even boiling water presents a challenge).

3. Look for themed bars, restaurants or concerts. There's a good chance you'll be able to find something that reminds you of your hometown.

4. And if you are still in desperate need of home, Dorothy's red slippers are on display at the American History Museum.  You never know... There could be a little magic left ;)


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