Put on Your Game Face

Put on Your Game Face

So you want to come to D.C., but you are afraid the city will be too professional. You are scared that a tie and suit will be your only fashion staples and that reading the newspaper will be the only fun thing you do. Think again, kids. If your idea of real fun is donning a baseball cap and eating cheap hot dogs, then you are in luck. D.C. is the perfect place to put your game face on (and no I don't mean in the office).


During Interns Rock! week I was luck enough to win free tickets to a D.C. United game at R.F.K. Stadium (another reason to love TWC). The truth is I don't really know what red cards are or what off-sides means, and for most of my life I assumed soccer games were divided into quarters. Despite my American-ness, I decided to go to the game and check out what this futbol phenomenon was really about. When I got to the stadium, I went to pick up my tickets, and I found that I had been given V.I.P. seats. My friend and I even had access to an air-conditioned suite. It was a pretty big deal. Apparently, someone out there thinks that interns really do rock. To top the night off, D.C. United won. In short, the game was awesome, and I am now a D.C. United fan for life.



I again found my inner sports fanatic when I went to watch America's favorite pasttime (And no I am not referring to a Jersey Shore marathon). The Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves played, and being a girl from the south, I felt honor bound to cheer for the Braves. Unfortunately, the Nats won. My friends were sure to rub it in, and I haven't fully recovered yet. And yes, I do fully support being a sore loser. On a more positive note, the food was perfect, and the Wallflowers played a post game concert. Nothing like a little "6th Avenue Heartache" to make me feel better about losing.



Important takeaways:

1. The Nationals were having a lucky night.

2. Interns really do rock.

3. And most importantly, D.C. has something to offer everyone.


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