A Nerd's Eye View

A Nerd's Eye View

Do you fancy yourself to be the coffee drinking, eyeglass wearing, book-learning type? Would you rather visit a museum than sample the nightlife? Is Hermione Granger your role model/dream girlfriend? If so, then read on...


Since coming to D.C. I have vowed to sample all that the city has to offer and for a nerd like me the opportunities never cease.  First, I visited the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History.  My personal favorite was the gems and precious stones exhibit.  The Hope Diamond is now on my birthday wish list...Mom, are you reading this? And of course, for all of you who like dinosaurs, bugs, mammals, or the solar system, don't miss those exhibits either! My next "nerdventure" was to the Newseum, which is absolutely incredible. Also I received free admission thanks to InternsRock!, an event hosted by TWC. Anyway, the Newseum truly has something for everyone.  In the "News History" section, there were newspapers covering everything from the Salem Witch "Tryals" to Secretariat's Triple Crown victory.  Another great exhibit featured a collection of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs.  Other cool things that the Newseum offers are: interactive games, a 4-D movie, the chance to make your own TV broadcast, and actual pieces of the Berlin Wall and Twin Towers (World Trade Center). After the Newseum, I headed over to the National Gallery of Art, which includes works from all the greats (Da Vinci, Raphael, Monet, Degas....and a bunch of other names I can't spell).  I definitely recommend going if you love quiet, beautiful spaces!


And do you want to know how I ended my nerd-filled weekend?  Finishing homework... How typical.


Other places that I loved: The Archives, The American History Museum, The Air and Space Museum, and the National Basilica


Up Next on my "Learning" List:

The American Indian Museum

The Corcoran Art Gallery (also free thanks to InternsRock)

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

The Holocaust Museum

A concert at The Kennedy Center (free performances everyday at 6)


So for all of you who like to read books and watch the History and Discovery Channels, D.C. is perfect for you. The learning opportunities are endless.  So go ahead, join the cool club and indulge your inner nerd!!


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