The Internship

The Internship

If you are like me, happiness in life all depends on purpose.  Am I being productive?  Have I learned something new?  And most importantly, am I making a difference?  Before coming to D.C., I was not always sure I had the right answer to those questions, but now I wake up every morning confident that what I am doing actually matters.  And do you want to know why?


My Internship ... For Love of Children (FLOC) is a non-profit organization with the mission statement to "Teach. Empower. Transform."  The idea is that any child, no matter the background, can realize her or his potential through the power of education.  In these few short weeks, I have witnessed this process firsthand.  For the past couple of days, I have done resume reviews and interview preparation with young people fresh out of high school.  These kids are willing to come into FLOC on their summer break in order to get a leg-up in professional development.  They are dedicated, bright, and incredibly lucky to have the support of For Love of Children.  Other FLOC students will be coming in for workshops on zoology, computer circuitry, and even dreaded ACT prep.  In short, because I see how much value FLOC adds to its community, I feel truly blessed to play a small role in what they do.  The point is that The Washington Center internship experience has given me purpose, and for that, I am happy.


*Other things I love about FLOC: my boss bakes, my co-workers are awesome, and a suit and tie are not always necessary.



A few tips to securing and succeeding in an internship you actually like:

1. Don't aim for political leadership just because your parents think you need to work for a senator.  Go for your true passion.

2. Don't necessarily follow the money or shoot for the most well-known organization.  Smaller organizations will be more likely to give you an active role in what they do, which is the whole point of interning!

3. Research the organization before you commit.  Facebook stalking in this case is okay.  In fact, it's even encouraged.

4. And finally... You are NOT too good to make copies.  It is okay to show the world how great of a copy-maker you truly are! :)



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