Eleven weeks ago I boarded a train with a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes. Leaving home wasn't easy to say the least. Then again last week, I boarded a train headed for home with misty eyes. Who would've thought that in ten short weeks I would become so attached to D.C.? I guess goodbyes are never easy.



As I reflect on my summer, I realize that I am not quite the same country girl that left for the big city. Honestly, I was afraid that I would be so homesick that I would be back in MIssissippi before the second week was over. Instead, I found that embracing opportunities and starting a new life isn't so hard after all. Public transit no longer scares me; in fact, I even miss it a little. Challenging classes full of intelligent, talented students no longer intimidate me. Been there, done that. Making new friends and cooking for myself even turned out to be pretty great. And lastly, working at an internship that engaged and challenged me was an incredible experience. The bottom line is that education in the classroom is valuable, but getting schooled in the real-world is irreplacable. So would I do it all over agian? In a heart beat.


In short, I left a small piece of my heart in D.C. As I got my last glimpse of the city, I remember thinking to myself, "D.C. didn't stop just becuase I left. People are still running to the metro, advocating for a cause, asking for spare change...." As I realized that life goes on despite goodbyes, I also realized that if I ever end up back in the city that I fell in love with, it will still be the same -- fast paced, full of diversity and ripe with opportunity.



Just a few happy endings... or should I say beginnings?

  • My friend Greg Wilson got offered a job with the Peace Corps at the end of his internship.  Still questioning whether internships pay off?
  • Two of my co-workers at FLOC found great jobs for when their Americorps service committment is over!
  • My supervisor is getting married!
  • And lastly, my mom turned my room into a library while I was gone.  Not so bad coming home after all. :)




Just remember... As hard as goodbyes are, sometimes they are necessary in order for us to become the people that we are truly meant to be!

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