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Home Institution: Mississippi University for Women

Internship Site: For Love of Children

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Eleven weeks ago I boarded a train with a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes. Leaving home wasn't easy to say the least. Then again last week, I boarded a train headed for home with misty eyes. Who would've thought that in ten short weeks I would become so attached to D.C.? I guess goodbyes are never easy.   Reminiscing

The Portfolio and Why It Matters

Monday, July 30, 2012

During the first week, you will wonder how you will ever finish. By the second week, you will conveniently forget that you have to do it. This memory lapse will last until about week 9, which strangely enough, is about the same time it's due. And what am I referring to? Every Washington Center intern's worst nightmare--the portfolio. And yes, the theme song to Jaws is playing in the background as I write.   The truth about the portfolio:   Question 1: Is it really as bad as it seems in the syllabus?

Put on Your Game Face

Friday, July 27, 2012

So you want to come to D.C., but you are afraid the city will be too professional. You are scared that a tie and suit will be your only fashion staples and that reading the newspaper will be the only fun thing you do. Think again, kids. If your idea of real fun is donning a baseball cap and eating cheap hot dogs, then you are in luck. D.C. is the perfect place to put your game face on (and no I don't mean in the office).  

The Inevitable Patriotism Blog

Friday, July 13, 2012

Being in Washington, D.C. will, without a doubt, inspire patriotic thoughts.  Before living here, being American was simply a label.  In D.C., it is an absolute way of life. Intense political debate can be found in every apartment, cafe and metro station. There is a proliferation of American flags. C-Span seems to always be a channel away, and particularly good renditions of the Star Spangled Banner now make me cry. And if you are ever in doubt about what country you are in, just look around.  The city is the absolute epitome of the "melting pot."  Only in America!!  

A Taste of Home

Monday, July 02, 2012

"Can you say that again?"   "Where are you from?"  "You have to be from Mississippi or Alabama."  And my personal favorite..."You sound like the ladies from The Help."  These are the kinds of comments I have been getting since moving to D.C.  So after I got over the initial shock of learning that I have an accent, I decided to embrace my Mississippi roots. Here is a quick guide to finding your own taste of home even in the big city.  

The Internship

Thursday, June 21, 2012

If you are like me, happiness in life all depends on purpose.  Am I being productive?  Have I learned something new?  And most importantly, am I making a difference?  Before coming to D.C., I was not always sure I had the right answer to those questions, but now I wake up every morning confident that what I am doing actually matters.  And do you want to know why?  

A Nerd's Eye View

Monday, June 11, 2012

Do you fancy yourself to be the coffee drinking, eyeglass wearing, book-learning type? Would you rather visit a museum than sample the nightlife? Is Hermione Granger your role model/dream girlfriend? If so, then read on...  


Sunday, June 03, 2012

One major thing that The Washington Center (TWC) stresses is networking (a.k.a. the ability to form mutually beneficial relationships without being too sleazy).  The word is used so often in D.C. that it should practically be the city's slogan.  

Street Smarts

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little about me: My name is Karen Lott, and I come from a small town in Mississippi called Leakesville where life takes its time and people say "hey ya'll." In short,  coming to DC was definitely a change of pace for me!  My home univeristy is the Mississippi University for Women, a great little college located in Columbus, MS. At the "W" I major in political science and minor in history. Through the encouragement of the staff at MUW, I ended up at TWC for the summer, and I am interning at For Love of Children.  FLOC is a non-profit tutoring organization.

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