Weekend Awesomeness

Weekend Awesomeness

Lately, my posts have been about general Washington-esque stuff. So, I'm going to devote some time to two weekend events that really have been the highlight of my time here so far.


Capital Pride ... Self explanatory, crazy amounts of fun and adventure all weekend long. The parade was great and I even had the opportunity to march in the parade with the Trevor Project! Back home, in Grand Rapids, Pride is of no compare. This was AWESOME. It felt so good to be surrounded by those that have so much spirit, acceptance and passion for who they are and who they love.


The best float!


A Pride marching band! ... They weren't in step but sounded good!


Newseum ... If I hadn’t mentioned it before, I love CNN, specifically Anderson Cooper. My love for the news is legitimately scary. Since I follow it so regularly, friends back home will often times ask my why things are happening or for updates on the Presidential race. We went to the Newseum during InternsROCK week, which was a week-long event that offered HUGE discounts at restaurants, salons and clothing stores all across D.C. and the greater metro area. One of the specials was FREE admission into the Newseum (normally around $18). This place was awesome. I want to live here one day… there are apartments on the back side I wouldn’t mind moving into next April.


View of the Captiol from the roof of the Newseum. Canadian Embassy to the left.


A salvaged communication antenna from the World Trade Center's North Tower with newspaper headlines behind it.


There are many weekends to come here in D.C. and I'm sure I’ll highlight some more adventures soon! But I had to share my favorite two for now!


Until next time.


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