Stereotypical Intern...

Stereotypical Intern...

Three times now, I have been called out randomly, on the street and the Metro.  Not because I’m tall or extremely good looking (I had too…) but because, apparently, I’m “stereotypical.”

As I’m walking down the street on yet another brutally hot day, a man talks toward me and a few others and says “You guy look like interns!” How are you supposed to respond to that? I mean, thanks random man, but what makes us look so? This being my third internship experience, I have never come across someone that can just call me out. My ID badge doesn’t scream “INTERN,” and thus I'm thoroughly inquisitive. Granted, D.C. is home to thousands of interns from all across the country so maybe it’s that much easier. I lost sleep over the issue and even emailed a former supervisor.  Either way, here’s my list of attributes common to the typical Washington, D.C. Intern:


  • Of course, dresses superbly
  • Yet, doesn’t realize that D.C. eats up nice and probably expensive dress shoes (yes, look now)
  • Never takes off his/her badge (it’s a symbol of pride and cool-ness)
  • Walks fast, darting across streets before the little white walking-man appears
  • This darting occurs while carrying Starbucks
  • Swipes SmarTrip card, goes through the gate and is on the escalator in 5 seconds or less
  • Then, complains about the Metro
  • Yet, knows most every stop, but for only one colored line (#RedLineforLife)
  • Doesn’t bring a lunch because it rekindles memories of elementary school
  • Then, eats at food trucks (I don’t recommend this… but, to each his/her own)
  • Talks about work all the time, regardless whether that day was fun or not
  • Then, complains he/she works too much
  • Followed by complaining about the mounds of emails waiting for them
  • Goes to all the happy hours around town (while probably still wearing that badge)
  • Hangs around Adams Morgan/U Street most weekends (if that’s your thing)
  • Tells visiting friends, “The Capitol isn’t that cool once you’ve seen it 100 times.”
  • Goes to bed at 2 a.m., wakes up at 6 a.m. and… repeat!

What makes me so special?

Absolutely nothing! I am your typical Washington, D.C. intern! Care to join me?

Happy Birthday, America!

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