Last Weekend as a Tourist

Last Weekend as a Tourist

When do you suppose you're not a tourist anymore? When you know where each Metro line goes? When you don’t stop at the top of the escalator? Or maybe when you pass by the White House without taking a picture? Either way, I don't want to be considered a tourist anymore...especially after this (amazing!) weekend.

Memorial Day weekend was something to remember for sure. I just can’t get over how awesome this city is! The transportation services available to us make going from A to B effortless. Now that my TWC classmates and I are settling in, we are beginning to form our groups of friends that regularly go out and socialize together. Now, I won’t say that these groups won’t change from one month to the next, but it’s nice to have a solid group of support. In fact, many of us will start classes this week and our civic engagement projects start up soon! Many opportunities to network and establish a friendship that will last for a long time!

The Zoo

I don’t care how old you are, the (National) Zoo is awesome! Who doesn’t like to see lions? Unless you live on the Safari Jungle ride at Disney, it’s awesome. However, I do advise you to DRINK WATER! Wow. I'm a fish, naturally, so I drink an incredible amount of water. This day though, not so much. Lesson learned. In fact, I was overhearing some locals mention that the temperatures this past weekend and into this week are way above average. 90 degrees and lots of humidity. It already feels like the end of July or August in Grand Rapids…and it’s still May, even further south. Great.

Anyway. The Zoo. Awesome and a must see. Did I mention it’s a Smithsonian entity? So it’s free! The same night was one to remember with the same group of friends you see below.


Michael (third from left, second row) and friends at the National Zoo.


Memorial Day Concert turns bad?

I don’t mean to keep bragging about being from Michigan (not much to brag about besides the beach) but I can say we know how to ride out a thunderstorm. On Sunday, we all attended the National Memorial Day Concert as broadcasted on PBS that night. It was interrupted by the Metropolitan Police asking all of us (maybe…2,500 people) to leave the National Mall because of bad weather. Well, it was pleasant rainfall in my opinion, but at least we ended the night dry!

We ended up visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day to witness the Changing of the Guard and other sites like the Lee House and President Kennedy’s burial site. Given the heat and sun, we decided to relax after a few short hours… at the Pentagon City Mall! Nothing wrong with retail relaxation!


Next up, first week as a big boy intern! 


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