Good Morning, Senator

Good Morning, Senator

It’s not every day that one can have the opportunity to meet his elected representative or senator. However, get an internship through The Washington Center and you’ll be very pleased to know that one of our assignments is to meet (shake hands with) your hometown elected official. And this past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet my elected senator for over twelve years, Senator Debbie Stabenow.


Bright and early on Tuesday morning, in the rain nonetheless, I made my way down to the Hart Senate office building to meet with Senator Stabenow for her constituent coffee hour. We were greeted by some of the nicest staff I've encountered in such a setting who ushered us into her office. In came her legislative assistants to begin answering the questions we -- three other Michigan TWC students/constituents and I -- were asked to develop beforehand.


At this point I was kind of disappointed. If you’ve ever been to see your representative or senator, they’re usually never there…ever. So instead, a kind legislative person answerers your questions, gives you their card and you move about with your day never meeting your official. I thought this was going to be the case on Tuesday. I however, am impatient (first public admittance). Soon, the senator made her way to meet us personally.




Senator Stabenow and her staff answered all of our questions related to college tuition, public health, alternative energy, veterans' health and even women’s and human rights. The staff was very open to speaking honestly and not “beating around the bush” which is ultimately what we, as college students, are looking for.


A HUGE shout-out to Ashley Bunn of The Washington Center for setting up this meeting for us. This really was a wonderful experience for me and the other men from Michigan pictured above. I plan to send my letter of thanks to the Senator and her office very soon.

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