An Excursion to the Big Apple

An Excursion to the Big Apple

A few posts ago I wrote about how I went fishing on the Anacostia River here in D.C. The moral of the story was that I had no idea I would ever go fishing while interning here! The same sort of thing happened again this past weekend, as three other friends and I traveled up to New York City to have the weekend of our lives.

I have never been to NYC, but in many ways I feel like I have. The whole time we were there, we were naming movies that were shot in NYC and trying to find the places they were filmed. Not being the biggest movie buff I could only recall the movie “Friends with Benefits,” where Mila Kunis and her "mom" sit on the huge boulders in Central Park. Not the coolest thing, but I felt cool knowing it! Then settings from Sex and the City started to look familiar all around the entire city! It was really neat!

FWB Scene

Central Park Scene from 'Friends with Benefits'


The view of what would be right above them!

I was determined to see Anderson Cooper while I was in New York, too. He is my favorite person in the entire world. However, given current events drawing the media’s attention he was not in New York this past weekend. Now I have to go back!

We did all the touristy activities like going to Times Square, Central Park, lower Manhattan, the 9/11 memorial and taking a stroll on Wall Street. The nightlife was also incredible! I now fully understand why they call this place the city that never sleeps.


Times Square!


Central Park!


Side note here, too -- I often hear people say thngs like "only in Central Park" or "that sounds like something that you'd see in Central Park!" Well, now I completely understand. I was mesmerized by all the... people.


The Crew! Ely, myself, Evan and Jonathan



The beautiful and very touching 9/11 memorial.

If you’re a potential D.C. intern, take the time to leave the city here and go elsewhere, too! This is the opportunity to have the time of your life and what can only make it better than more adventures. The bus ticket was extremely inexpensive ($50 round trip) and splitting hotel 4-ways was relatively inexpensive as well, given this was New York City.

As we wrap up the final weeks of our time here in Washington, D.C. it’s important that we embrace these small, quick trips with the good friends we’ve made. With two weeks left, this trip was perfect to ease our stresses. I need to get back there (and here to D.C., too) very quickly!

Until next time!

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