"Is that Obama on a Segway?!"

"Is that Obama on a Segway?!"

My ability to find humor in just about anything is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing for obvious reasons, but it also leads me to chuckle incessantly at things that probably aren't as funny in real life as they are in my head. For instance...

Segway Tours ... Not only do these exist, but apparently they're fairly popular!! And why shouldn't they be? They have their own lane in the street so darting between cars isn't a worry. It's a really easy and fun way to sightsee. Not to mention how completely non-ridiculous and totally normal you look riding in a long line down the street. Totally normal. If there were ever a show down between a biker gang and a Segway tour my bet is definitely on the Segway tour. They're not messin' around on those things.  I also was convinced that Obama was leading the pack and insisted we run down the sidewalk for a little ways to ensure it wasn't him.




Newseum Visit ... Last Saturday I finally was able to go to the Newseum. I had been wanting to go for so long, I was pumped. If you haven't been I highly encourage you to visit! We spent 4 hours in the museum and probably would have stayed longer had they not been closing. Outside the Newseum is a long row of 50 cases that the staff populates with national front pages -- one from every state -- each day at 6 a.m. It's really interesting to read the different headlines that pop up across the country. This one happened to be my favorite. Yea! Graduate!



The most moving part of the museum was definitely the 9/11 memorial section. On display they have the radio antenna that was mounted on the top of the World Trade Center's North Tower, as well as thousands of handwritten notes that they digitally display on the wall. It certainly was a sobering experience and all around me I could hear people discussing the events of that horrible day and asking each other "where were you?" I was also reminded how quickly time passes us by when I looked and realized that many of the middle schoolers I saw milling around weren't even born yet when the towers came down. The memorial was a touching and gentle reminder that we must never forget that day.



Doing my Civic Duty ... After our trip to the Newseum we grabbed some pizza and I fearlessly fought off this mountain lion wandering through DuPont Circle. He is no longer a threat. You're welcome, citizens!




How to Make Friends at Work ... After observing fellow co-workers around the office for a few days I found that the best way to make friends was to bring in food. Everyone loves free food! So I decided to try my hand at it.



After seeing the look on peoples faces after they ate some of my "college-budget blueberries" I decided to put a disclaimer on the container. I should probably just stick to baked goods.

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