Germ-X is a Liar

Germ-X is a Liar

I was going to do a fun and exciting blog entry about fun and exciting things but I happen to be battling a head cold right now and it is also a rainy, dreary Tuesday so I will instead tell you about my weekend and how Germ-X has let me down.


As I mentioned in my previous post, this weekend was Capital Pride (the annual celebration of the LGBT community) here in the city. I had the chance to march with The Peace Corps and it was a total blast! It was also 91 degrees and although I still have a bruise from where I was bonked on the head by a water bottle, thank you to whoever was throwing those! We were very thirsty.


Setting up on the parade route

A look at the masses of people lining the streets for 2012's Capital Pride Festival.


Each Peace Corps marcher carried a flag from a different country and I was lucky enough to carry the Peace Corps flag, which made everyone think I was someone very important.


Very Important Person

Kate, carrying the Peace Corps flag and pretending to be "someone very important."


I was so inspired to hear the crowds cheering for the Peace Corps and to hear all the returned Peace Corps volunteers yelling out the names of countries they had served in.


The Peace Corps marching in the Pride parade

The entire menagerie of Peace Corps volunteers.


New Experiences


Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to hear the President of Liberia speak here at The Peace Corps Headquarters. I was so moved by her speech about the strength of Liberia and the strong connection her country has had with the Peace Corps for many years. In the middle of her speech, as if she were speaking to her closest friends, she strayed from the written text in front of her and starting bouncing ideas off of the audience with regards to the future of Liberia and plans she had to build an organization similar to the Peace Corps. I tried to snap a photo of her as she was getting into her car but all I managed to get was the Secret Service agent and the SUV....but she's in there I swear!


President of Liberia...she's in there!

A well protected SUV, carrying the President of Liberia.


I am fortunate to be at a place in my internship where I am truly doing groundbreaking work and witnessing the Peace Corps reach new heights. Last week I went to a meeting with my supervisor at an organization called RAINN, which stands for the Rape Abuse Incest National Network. We met with Jennifer Marshall who is the Director of the organization and a woman whom I have always thought of as a role model for my career. I left the meeting trying to stay as professional as possible while simultaneously suppressing the urge to jump up and down exclaim my giddiness. I kept both feet on the ground, though.


Money-Saving Tip


A tip for SmarTrip card users: there's a pass that you can buy on the WMATA website that allows you to ride anywhere you want on the metro, unlimited trips for 7 days, for $47. Any prospective TWC students out there? This may sound expensive but it's actually a great deal! Expecially if you're like me and have a 40 minute commute to work everyday, not including the nights we have class or any other time I want to go in to the city. The only hassle with this pass is that you have to remember to buy a new one each week. But it's saving me a ton of money in the long run!


Plans for this week? Kicking this cold to the curb is first on my list. Then going to get a free cupcake in Georgetown (thanks InternsRock!) with my roommate tomorrow and Happy Hour on Thursday with some co-workers. I'm also having lunch with a few people from work at Farragut Square and we're going to try out the Food Trucks for the first time. Pretty pumped. I believe I'm going to the Newseum on Saturday with some other interns. Should be an exciting week!



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