The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

It's only fitting that the one weekend my mom drives 8 hours from Ohio to visit we end up spending three days like this...


Power down in the greater D.C. area!


Mom and I went out for Happy Hour on Friday night after work (at The Front favorite!) and came back to my aparment to relax and hang out for a while. I invited a few friends over so my mom could meet them and we all played the game Catch Phrase, swapped stories and laughed. Around 10 p.m. was when the power went out due to a massive storm so I walked my mom back to her hotel room and we called it a night. Of course the Metro Rail was down so my friends crashed at our apartment. Little did we know they would end up living here for the next four days until their power at Grosvenor got turned back on. With all the stoplights out, people acting like it was the end of the world, and downed trees every five feet, the weekend wasn't exactly what I had planned for my mother -- but we made the best of it and it was absolutely wonderful to see her! I was barely home the whole weekend but I heard from my friends that TWC brought a pizza to each apartment without power along with a flashlight and a printed list of all the places in the area that had electricity and air conditioning, which was thoughtful of them. One of my friends and I spent four hours at the local Panera charging all of our electronics on Sunday afternoon. We weren't the only ones with that idea, obviously....


It's a miracle there wasn't a fire.


TWC Housing



I should take a moment to touch upon TWC Housing. There are a few different options when it comes to living in TWC housing. I am living in Rockville, Maryland in the Residences at Congressional Village apartment complex. We have a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment and there are four of us living here. There are two resident assistants (RAs) living in our apartment complex in case we ever have an emergency. When you fill out your housing application form you will have the chance to put where you would prefer to live out of a few options. I didn't get my first choice but that's just how it goes sometimes! It would have been much more convenient for me to live in the Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) because it's much closer to my internship site thus making my commute shorter and less expensive -- but then I never would have met my fabulous roommates!



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