Mumsy's Girl

Mumsy's Girl

I have no shame in saying I love my mother. Although I am from the south, she, as a Northerner, has never been comfortable with the title of “mama.” Thus, my sister and I affectionately call her mother, or even more affectionately, mumsy. I had the pleasure of a short visit with my mum (yes mum, not mom) a few weekends ago and we had a great time. Funny enough, even weeks before her visit I would talk about her upcoming visit to friends and co-workers with great enthusiasm that I believe they found puzzling.


Their polite expressions reflected the slightest tinge of confusion as they no doubt pondered: “Why are you so excited to see your mother?” The answer is simple, because she’s the best! I kid you not, in high school there were times that I opted to hang out with my mom over friends because honestly she was more fun to be around. Plus, I never had to worry about trusting her and I could literally (and still do) tell her anything and everything! She listens with astonishment and sometimes apprehension but never with judgment!

Dining in Dupont

I took her to all the sites I possibly could but started off small, at a place I was familiar with already: Dupont Circle. Unfortunately she selected what had to have been the hottest weekend in the history of mankind, for her visit. As we got off the metro, I'd hoped to show her a great burger place I’d found with a couple of other interns, but the weather did not permit much exploration so we ended up at the Front Page. (If the name sounds familiar it’s because I’ve praised the place before for their free taco Thursdays!)


Mumsy and I taking pictures at a fountain in Dupont Circle.


Adventures in Eastern Market

While meandering around the city, my mom and I came across a sign pointing towards Eastern Market. I remember friends mentioning that it was a cool place to hang out so we decided to walk that way. I really liked it! We ended up getting some peaches and sampling some fruit as well -- some vendors allow you to try their product. Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, there was everything from clothing to furniture and even some live music! I will definitely be returning!


Mumsy and I taking a breather after hitting up Eastern Market.

Wild Times at the Zoo

One of my favorite parts of my mom’s visit was our trip to the zoo. Unfortunately it was extremely hot outside, but we braved the weather as we walked from exhibit to exhibit. When we first arrived the animals weren’t active at all because of the unbearable weather. Later on in the day we got a pretty good showing. The birds were very active and we saw flamingos and toucans. We also saw gorillas but they smelt way too terrible for me to stick around! My favorite animal was an adorable baby elephant that was playing with a block of wood. It was the cutest thing!


If you look closely, it looks like the elephant is smiling!


Today’s Tips:

  1. If you have visitors, keep their welfare in mind. If you’re doing a lot of walking, be sure to stay hydrated and pack plenty of water.
  2. Let them know to be flexible. If you’re anything like me, things rarely go according to plan so it’s easier to be around people that can just go with the flow.
  3. Tell them what to pack, make sure they know not to pack any form of warm clothing; they probably won’t need it!
  4. If you plan to have a busy day, stop by a grocery store and buy a ready-made sandwich, some snacks and some drinks (preferably water to stay hydrated). Carry your food items in a backpack throughout your busy day and when you get hungry just sit on a bench and chow down. That way you can save on eating costs throughout the day.

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