A Little Taste of Home

A Little Taste of Home

This past weekend one of my best friends from school, Noozhat, visited me and we had a lovely time! For those of you who don’t know, living in the Residential and Academic Facility (RAF), we are allowed to have overnight guests but each roommate must agree to your guest staying in the apartment. Otherwise, they have to find their own accommodations. Thankfully, all were agreeable and Noozhat stayed with me while in D.C. She arrived Friday afternoon, at which point I was enjoying a $30 manicure/pedicure, courtesy of Color Nail and Spa through InternsRock!



Jasmine and pal Noozhat, frequenting a hoppin' D.C. hotspot (aka, the Metro)!


We finally met up and relaxed for the evening and took some time to catch up. That night we celebrated one of my new friend's birthdays by going to a club in Adams Morgan called Heaven and Hell. It wasn't a place I would’ve picked out for myself but we still had a great time and there was pretty good music.


Lazy Lunch

On Saturday we decided to take it easy so we woke up fairly late and headed over to Chinatown, one of my favorite hangouts, for lunch. We walked around for a bit, unable to really find a place we liked. (FYI: For most of the places we came across, lunch specials only take place during the week, not on weekends). We finally stopped at a place called Capital Q Texan BBQ. We both ordered BBQ burritos -- the portions were fairly large and the food was relatively cheap. It was also quite good and I liked the set-up of the restaurant because you could sit at the front window and watch people walk by.


Adventure Time

Sunday was a bit more of a lively day, though we woke late again. I decided that we would go to a park. So I googled “parks in D.C.” and ended up randomly selecting Benjamin Banneker Park. Before embarking on our journey, we ate lunch at Potbelly, a sandwich shop that I highly recommend trying. I ordered the grilled chicken and cheddar sandwich and it was delicious! Anyway, I used my smart phone to determine where the park was it but as it so happened, even with the direction of Google maps, we still couldn’t find it.  A friendly local ended up pointing us towards the wharf where we had a nice stroll by the Potomac River and came across the Titanic Memorial.



Jasmine, striking the classic Titanic pose, at the Titanic Memorial on the Potomac.


It was a nice outing for a Sunday; it wasn’t really all that exciting but it was kind of fun to pick a place to go and attempt to find it. Noozhat left on Monday morning after a great visit! (When you have a guest in the RAF, they can stay for up to three nights in a one week period).


After her visit I came to the realization that, although our adventure didn’t exactly end up going to plan, the idea of picking out something to do and just going for it really appealed to me which leads me to just one pretty simple suggestion for this blog:


1. Make a list of all the things you want to do in D.C. By doing so, you can make D.C. a bit more accessible as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by the fact that there's so much to do! I took a look at an awesome website about free activities in D.C.! It lists a lot of free/almost free things to do in D.C. I’ve picked out a few things from the list including happy hour at Casa Nonna and adventures to Little Ethiopia, Little Rome and the Mexican Cultural Institute!


(You can also check out http://dc.metromix.com/ for a breakdown of different events to go to. They’re organized in several categories including community events, movie events, performances, and social/ hobby clubs just to name a few)!


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