Let's Take a Trip

Let's Take a Trip

If you're anything like me, you get a little bit tired of the city sometimes. All the hustle and bustle, the crowds and heat, and various strange smells one encounters walking around can be tiring! Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and what better way to escape a concrete jungle than a complete change of scenery?


The quaint, relaxing Chesapeake Beach. A perfect place to go for peace and quiet!


A few friends and I had the exact same thought, so we decided to plan a trip to the beach! After careful planning we decided that we would rent a car to get to Chesapeake beach. We decided against Atlantic City simply because Chesapeake was only an hour away and none of us wanted to spend too much time in the car. We decided on a car because it was the easiest transportation we could find; it was also cheap because we split the cost among everyone!

The five of us set out on Saturday morning and the beach was only a short 55-minute drive away. Once we got there we found that it was free to park but it cost $10 a piece to actually get on the beach. I've been to many beaches in my day and have never had to pay, so I thought it was a bit strange, but we all paid the fee and looked for a spot to crash.


What an adorable little boardwalk!


As a note, Chesapeake beach is tiny!! If you're expecting anything more you'll be disappointed. However, depsite it's small size, I still enjoyed the trip. I viewed the scenery as being quant, humble and the perfect amount of rustic. I didn't do much except eat and lay out in the sun. I also spent a small amount of time in the water and it was a lovely way to relax! (There were no waves because Chesapeake beach is on a bay, not the ocean). Our day got cut short because of rain but overall it was a pretty pleasant experience and as always I have some advice to share in case you readers would like to plan day trips!

Today's Tips:

1. I'm so glad I packed my own lunch, especially since we had to pay to get on the beach which was an unexpected expense! If you're leaving on a Saturday, swing by Harris Teeter and grab a five-dollar foot long, some chips and other snacks and pack yourself a picnic! Also, be sure to bring some water to stay hydrated. It's great to bring your own food because then you don't have to leave the beach to find food!

2. Plan the trip with people that are reliable. At the last minute, if people pull out you'll be left paying more than you planned (for the rental car). The best way to cut out unreliables is to keep the number low for your trip!

3. Leave early. No one likes to get up early on the weekends but the earlier you go to pickup the rental car, the sooner you can get on the road which translates to more time spent on the beach!

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