Getting Acquainted with D.C.

Getting Acquainted with D.C.

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine Harris and I'm a rising senior at Wake Forest University. I'm majoring in Communications and I'm interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations. I really enjoy traveling and socializing and I love exploring the world around me by meeting new people and trying new things. Although I've always lived in the suburbs of North Carolina as well as Georgia, I think city life is definitely a better fit because there's so much more to experience, especially here in D.C. As far as my internship, I'm currently working at the Department of the Interior and I'm very excited to be collaborating with another intern on creating a workshop for Women and Leadership in the workplace!


First Days

The first few days in D.C. have been absolutely amazing! Once I arrived I was happy to find that my expectations were far exceeded in many ways. First, I was initially a bit intimidated to be a part of The Washington Center's program because I was under the impression that I would be a minority -- a communications major floating in a lonely sea of poli sci and business folks! I was pleasantly surprised! There are actually a lot of kids here from diverse educational backgrounds.

Secondly, I feared the metro; there are so many lines and colors and stops! However I’ve quickly realized that navigating around the city is far easier than I initially believed it would be. Third, I was also afraid that it would be difficult to make friends simply because I was under the impression that the program was a lot more individualistic than it actually is! In reality, there are plenty of opportunities to meet other students such as seminars and other optional activities! I actually plan to go on some of the day trips the program offers, including a trip to Atlantic City and one to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware!


Jasmine standing in front of TWC's Residential and Academic Facility (RAF)


Go! Go! Go!Since arriving I feel like I’ve been going non-stop. I am a bit tired and I really am a fan of taking naps, but I don't want to waste a second while I’m here! There’s so much to do and see. In the past few days we’ve undergone a lot of orientation activities. As part of my program, I was able to go to the Holocaust Museum (for free) and observe the Propaganda Exhibit, which was quite fascinating.  I also sat in on a TWC seminar about networking and how to create a "power greeting" that was pretty informative.

On that same day a new friend and I checked out a Malaysian restaurant for lunch. I’m not really sure what I ordered (I usually don't go for exotic foods but I’m open to trying new things). Whatever it was though, it was delicious! Some other favorite foodstuffs have included pizza (which is basically a staple in my diet) and I also had some great frozen yogurt from a place called Fro-Zen-Yo.


That was pretty fun because you walk into the shop and grab an empty little tub and you serve yourself from the frozen yogurt machines, then you have ingredients which includes everything from fresh fruit to candy! After you're finished choosing your ingredients your tub is weighed and that’s how the price is determined. I definitely recommend it for a hot day (and I’m told there will be plenty of those)!


Always Something Going On

It's true that there's always something to do in this city! On Sunday some friends and I walked from where we live to the Capitol building for a concert on the lawn (which was also free). The concert was being thrown in honor of Memorial Day and we were able to see some great acts including Daughtry and a touching performance by Selma Blair in which she read the speech of a war widow. Even though the event eventually got rained out, it was still a nice way to bond with fellow interns. We also learned a couple of things about outdoor concerts from our experience including:


1. Bring food with you because it might not be sold once you get inside and you'll be surrounded by people that have it! and

2. Bring a blanket! It's so much more comfortable than sitting on the grass!


As far as the immediate future, I'm looking forward to an activity coming up this Saturday called "A Taste of Georgetown" which is a food festival that's going to feature some of Georgetown's best restaurants! I can't wait!



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