Final Project

Final Project

I'll be the first to admit that, while I don't easily crack under pressure, I don't always handle it with as much poise as I would like to someday. In the last couple of weeks another intern, Audrey, and I had been hard at work on our summer project of creating a Women's Career Development workshop. Audrey was chosen to work on the project because gender studies is part of her major and I hopped on board because of my event planning aspirations. At any rate, we began with research. In the first few weeks of summer, Audrey and I took note of how other organizations formatted women's training courses. We also paid a lot of attention to other details such as subject matter, types of speakers, and duration of workshops. In conducting our research, we interviewed several women in our department about what they would find most useful in a women-centered workshop. After research was completed, we synthesized our findings. Over the course of the summer we collaborated with our supervisor on tons of details including selecting final topics, speakers, the format, location, registration, marketing, catering and many other logistics.

The whole time I was a stressed mess! I believed we were often a bit unorganized and as the date for the event rushed closer and closer my anxiety grew. Even as I fell asleep each night my mind prodded me awake with questions like "When are we going to book the location?" "Who are we going to use for catering?" "Has anyone confirmed the speakers?" And my life became countless lists I used to organize every component of our event. Eventually, the date finally came. We set up a table in front of the boardroom we'd chosen as our location and began registration (which was rather hectic).  Audrey, another intern named Amandea, and I also handed out programs as the women filtered into the room. We closed the door and the program began...


Dreams Really Do Come True!I'm extremely proud to say that, overall, the event was a success. There were minor mistakes here and there (such as the caterer not bringing all the food and confusion about pamphlets and handouts) but overall people had an excellent time. Reviewing the feedback sheets we'd given to guests was really helpful as far as ways to improve the workshop for the next interns that come in to build upon the legacy that Audrey, Sandy (my supervisor) and I helped to create. While riding home on the bus that evening after a tiring day I felt amazing! At that moment I knew for an absolute fact that event planning was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, because even though there was a lot of stress and aggravation, when things finally came together it was the best feeling in the world! As this summer is coming to an end I feel a lot more confident about my career because I have a firm determination and a charted course to follow. I am eternally thankful to everyone that I've met this summer that have led me to where I am now and I look forward to more great opportunities in the future!!

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