Random Pictures in D.C.

Random Pictures in D.C.

So I generally like to keep a cohesive theme in my blogs, but during my time in DC I've accumulated a lot of pictures that are cool but just completely unrelated to each other. I figured I couldn't keep them to myself so I hope you all enjoy!




Near the beginning of the semester some RAs in the RAF held a celebration for Black History Month downstairs where many students performed songs, poems and stories. Kenny, Eric, and I covered songs by the late Whitney Houston and the Four Tops, while our friend Jasmine (in the middle) recited "The Highwayman" almost all by memory.






National Air and Space Museum


The roomies having some of Eric's delicious chicken parm. We've tried to make it a ritual.




Photo cred goes to Courtney for these pictures of white cherry blossoms on the Capitol grounds




The Meditation Hut outside the Capitol



View of the Capitol from the National Mall at dusk


Zorba's! This is a great Greek place right near Dupont Circle which has fantastic gryos and an awesome atmosphere. There's a sweet patio that's great for nice, spring days and a really interesting selection of Greek beer.


At the Cato Institute for "Obama in the Supreme Court" , an event discussing the constitutionality and economic repercussions of Obamacare. Being a very prominent libertarian think tank, they obviously see Obamacare as an unconstitutional and illegitimate expansion of federal power. While personally I think their argument against its constitutionality is dubious and somewhat subjective considering their ideological leanings, Jagadeesh Gokhale presented a very compelling economic argument against it, citing fourfold increases in health care costs in select states as the new program expands the eligibility base for Medicaid. Obviously it's just one opinion, but it was definitely an interesting viewpoint so feel free to check out the whole event if you please.



Some more cherry blossoms on our way to the Capitol Hill tour



Not the best time to be in the middle of the street. In Van Ness.


There will probably be another one of these blogs full of random pictures at the end of the semester because I've taken a lot of good pictures that unfortunately don't exactly fit nicely into a themed blog. Until next time!

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