Getting a Feel for History

Getting a Feel for History

The weeks keep flying by. Here it is approaching the end of March and I still feel that there is so much left to see and accomplish. I wish there were more hours in the day!



This past week at work was uncharacteristically busy. On Wednesday, I finally managed to begin training on the horses at our stables. The goal is to create a ranger-led trail program. If all goes well, we should be able to begin by the end of April.



One of the barn cats at the stables. This 21 year old guy has full run of the place. And honestly, what blog doesn't need more cats?


Thursday, we played host to the local firefighters in their training of a new lead driver. I also managed to make progress on my resume, work projects, and finally meet the park’s natural resources manager.






Friday a few of the rangers and I took a trip to Frederick, MD to visit the Civil War Medicine Museum and the Monocacy battlefield. Both sites were relatively small and quick to see, but they provided a valuable insight into the lives and history of the greater DC area during the 1860’s.


Civic Engagement

Thanks to our Natural Resource manager, I finally have a direction for my civic engagement project. I will be joining him on invasive plant removals in the park sometime in April. These removals are crucial in preventing the spread of invasives but also in maintaining and restoring habitat for native species. Most importantly however, it keeps the park pristine for the many of thousands who use it annually.


Out & About

Once again, I took leave of the city on my weekend to visit Gaithersburg, MD for their annual Rock, Gem, & Fossil expo. After seeing the collection at the Natural History Museum, I was inspired to see what was available to the private collector. I have always had a fascination with gems & minerals, but like all my other hobbies, I lacked sufficient space, money, and time to fully indulge it. Still, it didn’t prevent me from coming home with a few souvenirs.




Amethyst on Granite


Polished bisected Ammonite (Madagascar), Pyrite crystal in perfect cube form (Spain), hexagonal polished fluorite crystal, polished halved septarian geode.


Some of the many turtles I spied in a pond near the fairgrounds.


On Sunday, I finally made my way to the American History Museum. Some of the best exhibits were (in my opinion) the ones that highlighted the role of technology on shaping our history, particularly transportation. The exhibits focusing on water travel, history of the automobile, and even the industrial revolution were all very informative and interesting. I would have liked to taken more photos, but unfortunately some areas, such as the Star Spangled Banner and the exhibit on currency, either didn’t allow photography, or were too dimly lit to produce a quality exposure.


Original Model T. This was the first model to use an electric starter instead of a hand crank.


Actual piece of pavement from the historic US66.


USS Philadelphia, which was sunk during the American Revolution and raised 150 years later.


Uniform worn by George Washington.


Huey helicopter used in Vietnam.


Wall of Presidents.


The coming weeks are shaping up to be equally busy. I am meeting with my Congressman tomorrow for an interview, attending a natural resources conference on Wednesday, and then monitoring & documenting frogspawn on either Thursday or Friday. Also, next weekend I will be in NYC! Stay tuned for more!


Until next time.

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