Busy Life! Great Opportunities!

Busy Life! Great Opportunities!

Love it.


I know it has been so long since I've made a blog post! Let's just say I am very busy and at TWC, time management is very important.  With classes, programming and my internship, I feel like every week is full and time goes by so fast! These past couple of weeks my internship have had Kristina (the other intern) and me working on many different projects, which include putting together articles for a newsletter that will be released at the end of March. We've been working hard to create quality work and have interviewed many people for our articles. We are also working on a major event taking place at the end of March! I will provide more news and pictures after the event has happened!! I am truly enjoying the opportunities Tricom has provided me and I learning alot here than I have ever learned at my other internships. Scott and Molly have a lot of advice for recent grads entering the field of public relations and getting a lot of experience is the way to landing a job. They helped in my decision to apply for different internships and defer grad school for a year! I want to have many different experiences and understand my direction before I stay committed to the field.


Other than my internship and life decisions....Midterms were this week for my Media, Ethics, and Movies class, which has caused a lot of stress for everyone in my class. The class is very interesting. We are learning alot about the importance of anonymous sources and had an Associated Press reporter speak to us about his involvement with the use of anonymous sources. I am also in the process of getting my portfolio and final project together! This has been taking up most of my time and I will be happy with the final result!


Now to my adventures! I am having more great experiences! When in DC its important to take advantage of visiting historical sites and museums. I have been to so many places around DC that my camera is already full :) My programming composes of attending many museums and I have taken adventures myself especially when getting lost when looking for programming sites and also to the largest FOREVER 21 I have ever seen! I only made it to 2 floors. I will be back to explore the last 3. I have so many pictures to share but I will share the ones that I like!

The White House!!

On my way to the Holocaust Museum...and got completely lost, but during my lost adventure I saw some historical sites and took more pictures!


The Washington Monument!!!

Capitol Hill!! It was raining so this is the best picture I could get indoor :)

Finally made it to the Holocaust Museum where we met a wonderful Holocaust survivor named Margit! She was amazing and I enjoyed learning about propaganda and the impact it had during the Holocaust. If you are ever in DC the Holocaust Museum is a must go! By the way, can you find me? lol


I can't wait to share pictures from the major event taking place for my internship. See all of you soon!!!

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