What A Week!

What A Week!

Wow! This week has made up for the past 2 weeks being so slow!

I went to the White House UK Welcoming Ceremony, the TWC International festival, and the National Zoo.


The US-UK Relationship


On Wednesday I got up at six o'clock, dressed in my business professional garb and made my way with my fellow TWC DNC intern Sarah to the White House. I felt pretty special walking through the crowds to get to security. We had to go through two rounds of Secret Service before we even got to the metal detectors (as if someone would have gotten through the first but not the second). Once we got inside they gave us programs and little American and UK flags and then we made our way to the South Lawn.


Sarah and I met up with David and Greta and another intern also named David who just happens to also be from the UK. It was cool to be there with two British people because that was the whole ceremony was about, the relationship between the UK and the US. The five of us stood around, took pictures and listened to the Air Force band for a while and troops from each branch of the armed forces marched in for the 16 gun solute. There was also a troop of British soldiers dressed in traditional uniforms.


Once the national anthems were played, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife stepped on stage, then Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, followed by President Obama and Michelle. The President and Prime Minister walked around the lawn and at one point were only feet away from us! Both men spoke about the relationship between the countries now and in the past. Both made jokes about the burning of the Capitol in 1814, Mr. Cameron noting that there was a bit of a higher level of security "this time around."


Here's Greta, David and I before the ceremony.

(I also got a hair cut last week!)


International Festival


On Friday we had an International Festival in the RAF. I had no idea there were so many countries represented at TWC this semester!


Each country had it's own table with food, informational packets and little knick-knacks. I don't think I've ever been so full! I love Indian food so that was probably my favorite table, followed by the waffles at the Belgium table! We also learned a lot, each group had at least one person in their countries traditional outfits.


This is what Mexico's table looked like.

Of course we spent a lot of time at their table since Loris helped with it!


After everyone was full, each group did an informational presentation about their countries. I liked hearing both the historical and cultural aspects from natives of each country. This was followed by a talent show. Many groups danced, showing both traditional and current culture of each country.


Take Me to the Zoo!


Yesterday, on a beautiful St. Patrick's day, Stephanie, Anna and my fellow blogger, Anna, went to the National Zoo! It was gorgeous sunny day, how could we not have done something outside?!


I love elephants so I was so excited that at least one of them was outside! They're doing a ton of construction before the busy summer season on the elephant exhibits so I wasn't sure if I would get to see one. It was nice to walk around and take advantage of the warm day, I'm not used to it being so warm so early in the year but I think I could get used to it.


Stephanie, Anna and I by the Red Panda exhibit!


Well, I can't imagine I'll have many more weeks like this, but it was amazing, tiring and exciting while it lasted!

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