Is This Real Life?

Is This Real Life?

It's been a while! I've been busy, busy as the end of the semester draws near but fortunately it's given me a whole lot to talk about so I hope you're all ready!


I'm Coming Home


Over Easter weekend I got to go home! It was a short trip but definitely nice to sleep in my own bed for the first time in months. It was weird because when my parents picked me up from the airport I realized it was the first time I had been in a car in months!


I also realized that DC has really become my home now. Like I said, it was nice to go home, but by Monday morning I was definitely ready to be back in the city and working again. I've gotten so used to work and class and living on my own that I didn't really know how to react when my mom offered to cook me food or I woke up on Monday at 10:00. I felt like something was wrong because I wasn't at work! I think that this is probably the best sign that we've all sort of become something close to locals, we're definitely not tourists anymore.


Let's Talk Food


It's been a while since I've talked about food, and since a city is probably the best place to experience all different types of cultures and cuisines, it doesn't seem right for me to ignore it!


This weekend Loris, Stephanie and some of Loris' fellow Media and Communications interns went to an Ethiopian restaurant. Washington DC has the largest Ethiopian community in the US so if you're going to have Ethiopian food, I'd say this is the place to do it! It was definitely an interesting experience. The food is served family style like with one or two plates in the middle of the table. Each plate has a bunch of different types of things like chickpeas, lentils cooked a bunch of different ways, and then you can order meat if you want. They give you this bread that's very spongey and almost mushy and you rip pieces of the bread off and use it to eat the different things on the communal plate. It's just as much a cultural experience as it is a culinary one. I'm sure I probably didn't explain that at all clearly so here's a video showing how to eat Ethiopian food properly. It was definitely a cool experience!



Sunday Afternoon Picnic


This Sunday, a bunch of us decided to go over to the National Mall and have a picnic and hang out. We all brought a little something but most of the time we just hung out, listened to music and played around with a soccer ball and frisbees. We sat right in front of the Capitol building overlooking the Capitol Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument. As we sat there it was hard to come to terms with the fact that it was real! We all just kept commenting on the fact that there we were, just hanging out on the grass in front of the US Capitol Building!


We decided to play a little kickball but unfortunately we were informed that organized games weren't allowed in that area of the Mall. We took team pictures at least though!



It was an amazing ending to the weekend. We're all sort of in denial that there's an end to TWC. Whenever the end of the semester is brought up, everyone just kind of ignores it. We don't talk about the end. It's going to be very weird to go home for the summer and know that I won't be coming back here or to my internship.

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