Our Fifth Roommate

Our Fifth Roommate

We're almost done, but not quite yet.


After Monday's commencement ceremony, it really started to hit me that this semester was almost over. Today we had a Farewell BBQ put on by Residents Life which only made it worse!


The BBQ was a lot of fun, they made hot dogs, hamburgers and even some veggie burgers for myself and my fellow vegetarians! We had music and played corn hole and just hung out and took it all in. As I stood there, I really noticed just how international TWC is. I had noticed it before but for some reason it really stuck out because of all the different types of music that they were playing and all the languages that I could hear just standing in the middle of the crowd. So, I decided to talk to our adoptive fifth roommate, Monica, from Mexico about what it's like being an international student at TWC.


Monica lives in Tijuana and goes to school in Puebla. She's a Marketing major at Universidad de las Americas Puebla where she'll be graduating this December. Because Tijuana is so close to San Diego, this was not her first time in the US but it was the longest that she's spent here. She's interns at the Consumer Goods Forum.


I asked Monica what the hardest part was while adjusting to living here and she said that getting used to the way that her boss worked. It was interesting to hear that her biggest concern had nothing to do with the culture shift or the language but the same exact thing that I had worried about. She did say, however, that the adjustment to the culture here was a big adjustment but that was made better by the fact that everyone welcomed her with open arms. I would definitely have to agree that everyone at TWC is very open with each other and are eager to learn about everyone else's backgrounds and cultures. In my apartment alone I have been exposed to three different cultures, all of which I had never extensively been exposed to.


When I asked her about her favorite part about this semester, she said the friendships that she has made here and all the people that she got to meet. It's crazy how close you can get to people in just a few months. She practically lives in our apartment and I can't imagine not meeting her! I know I can speak for Anna, Stephanie and Loris in saying that we all feel like this.


I asked Loris similar quetsions and she said that her favorite part was observing all the different cultures and seeing how they blend. I have to agree that the massive amount of different types of people and their backgrounds is definitely my favorite part of being here at TWC and in Washington, DC in general. It has absolutely been one of the most amazing and educational parts of this semester.


Here's a little picture of Monica, Loris, Stephanie and I before our Commencement!

It will be crazy to go home next week and not see them whenever I want!

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