The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, March Madness is upon us and St. Patrick's day is next weekend. Two of my favorite holidays (yes, I count March Madness as a holiday).


This past week has been realitively slow, nothing too exciting at work or programing but this upcoming week should be really good!


We found out last weekend that all the interns at the DNC are going to get to go to the UK Arrival Ceremony. We'll get to stand on the White House lawn as the President and the Frist Lady welcome UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife to the US. I'm so excited it's hard to contain myself! Greta, David and I have already planned who is going to bring their camera and what we're going to wear so that we coordinate for pictures. This is the first opportunity that we've had to go to an event through the DNC so I can't wait to take advantage of it.


This past Tuesday was Super Tuesday, for those of you who are not particularly aware of the political world. It was a little bit crazy of a day at work since there was so much information coming and so much media to monitor on the results. It was my first taste of what the office might be like after the primaries are over and we move into campaign mode. If it's anything like Tuesday, I can't wait until then!


I did get to see our Chiarwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, do a remote interview for a few local TV stations. It was pretty cool getting to see her being briefed and then watching her pull out statistics at the exact moment she needed them. I don't know that I would ever be able to do TV interviews, I don't think I would be able to remember all that information and recall it perfectly.


Right around now is when most universities have their Spring Break. Unfortunately, we Washington Center students are workaholics so we don't take a Spring Break. I've been all alone most of the week as David had his break this past week and this coming week is Greta's. It's been hectic because I've been getting more work than usual since we're one intern short. Thankfully I just have to get through next week and then the three of us will be back to our usual schedule!


Today my roommates and I went down to Constitution Ave to watch the DC St. Patrick's day parade. It was definitely one of the better parades I've been to. I had no idea there were so many Traditional Irish Dance schools in the DC area! St. Patrick's day is one of my favorite holidays, coming from a very Irish family. I cannot wait until next weekend to be able to wear a ridiculous amount of green.


Here's Loris, Stephanie and I at the parade.

Loris was particularly excited about the beads we bought for $1!


We watched the parade from the steps of the Archives,

it was a prime spot since we got a surprise visit from the National's mascot decked out in green!


That's all for this week, but next week I should have quite a bit to write about!!



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