Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I've been home now for about 2 weeks and let me tell you, it has been quite the adjustment! Coming home has made me realize how much I want to go back to DC. So much so that I've bought a ticket to go back for a weekend to visit some friends!


For my final post I just wanted to give future TWC-ers a list of things that I wish had been included in our orientation. To all new interns, good luck and have fun!


1) Not only is the Circulator a lot cheaper than the Metro, it also goes to way more places (including Georgetown!) I would defininitely suggest it for anyone working on the Hill, it's a shorter ride than taking the Metro to take the Circulator from Union Station!


2) If you're looking for a way to save money or have a small food budget, definitely check out Aldi. They don't carry name brands but the off brands are really good!


3) It took us about 3 months to realize that the RAF is, in fact, within walking distance of the Capitol. It's about a 10-minute walk.


4) It's ok to be a tourist every once in a while. You're going to want to think that you're not a tourist since you live in DC but you're not going to get the full DC experience if you don't admit you are kind of a tourist.


5) Happy Hours are not just for drinking, they're also one of the best places to network. Some of our favorite places for Happy Hour were Front Page, Vapiano, Barcode, and Busboys & Poets.


I hope current and future TWC-ers find these helpful! Thanks for going through the motions of this semester with me and I hope that I gave you a good idea of what TWC is really like!

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