BRB, off the the White House Gardens

BRB, off the the White House Gardens

So these past two weeks have been incredible but also jam packed so I'm going to have to give you the rundown in two posts, otherwise it would be way too long and you wouldn't want to read it all.


Last weekend the DNC had a bunch of tickets to the White House Garden Tour. It's a free event that happens every spring, the President and First Lady invite the public to come and see their gardens in full bloom and enjoy the warm weather that we've been deprived of all winter. Stephanie and I decided to go on Saturday and it's a good thing we did because Sunday it poured all day. We got to see the Rose Garden, the Kitchen Garden, the south lawn and take some amazing pictures right up next to the White House. Here's a picture to show just how close we were!



The Kitchen Garden was probably my favorite part of the tour. First Lady Michelle Obama decided to put in the garden in 2009 and broke ground with a few school children from the area. She often tends to the garden herself.



We also decided to go over to one of the Smithsonian museums that we hadn't been to yet because they had a really cool sensory exhibit. They had all these optical illusions and really cool things with light and mirrors. They had a room full of pillows where music was playing and pictures were being shown. There was also this area where you were supposed to walk through a whole hall of just hanging rope from ceiling to floor. It was definitely one of my favorite things I've seen at any of the Smithsonians.


For right now, that's all. Be sure to check back in a few days to hear about the rest of my week! As a sneak peek, it includes Obama and Lilly Ledbetter.

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