The Best Day of My Life

The Best Day of My Life

Last Friday was the best day of my life.

The reason being I got to staff the Womens Leadership Forum Conference put on by Women for Obama. At the Conference Lilly Ledbetter of the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay for Equal Work act, Jim Messina President Obama's campaign manager, Cecile Richards president of Planned Parenthood, and even President Obama himself spoke to a crowd of over 400 women leaders.


We got to listen to the inspirational words of Cicile Richards as she spoke about the importance of Planned Parenthood to thousands fo women accross the US, got pumped up about the election by Jim Messina and I felt personally inspired by the introductory speech made by Senator Barbara Mikulski before President Obama's speech. It was surreal seeing all these people in one day. I got to talk to Lilly Ledbetter for about 20 minutes about what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to go career-wise.


Lilly Ledbetter is one of my idols for all the things that she has done for women in the work force so it was really cool being able to meet her. I felt like such a political nerd getting so excited about seeing these people, but I just couldn't help it! The most exciting part of the day, though, was the fact that I shook President Obama's hand TWICE! I even got this great picture that shows just how close I was to him!


It was taken on my phone so it's not the best quality.


I still haven't gotten over the fact that I really saw these people in person. These are the kinds of opportunities that you can get being an intern in Washington, DC. Next weekend, Loris, Anna and I are all going to the Ball on the Mall, the biggest fundraiser for the Trust for the National Mall. The kinds of people who will be there are on the same level as the kinds of speakers at the Women's Conference. Congressmen, various embassadors and even the Bush sisters will be in attendence. These are the kinds of events that you can only attend in DC and they are the kinds of things that I pictured myself going to during my time here at TWC. I think that these events are evidence enough that TWC is worth every penny. It is the most valuable experience I could ask for in my college career.


Today was TWC commencement. It was both sad and exciting. It was exciting in that we were able to reflect on the fact that we had come so far since the beginning of the semester; sad in the fact that we were almost done. I can't believe that we've only got a week left! I feel like we just moved in, that I was just worried that I wouldn't like my roommates or that my internship wouldn't be what I wanted it to be. It's unbelievable that we are already leaving at the end of the week. I know my parents are excited to have me home and I have to admit that I'm excited to be home for the summer, but I could have used a few more weeks here!

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