Service & Starbucks

Service & Starbucks


On a normal afternoon...

One of my favorite parts of the day is my lunchtime walk to Starbucks. I pass by Capitol Hill and the Library of Congress. On days when I feel like I need more fresh air, I will weave through the neighborhoods and soak in some sunshine.



It is the perfect time to ensure some quiet space for myself, and it is often a time of reflection about the things I am learning in DC. One day last week left me with something special to think about after an encounter in my coffee shop.


As I waited in line I noticed a man and woman in uniform ahead of me. I have such a deep love and respect for our military that I immediately said hello and thanked them for their service. They were both very kind, though I’m sure also surprised a complete stranger would approach them. As I talked with them more, I learned they were being deployed. Both of my parents work for USAA, and I have grown up with an insight into the sacrifice our servicemen and women and their families make for our country each and every day. I tried to bless them the only way I knew how…I bought their Starbucks.


The gesture is so small in comparison to the hardship and service that man and woman will endure for the sake of our Country. And yet, I hope these small gestures are taking place all over America. My encounter with them reminded me that my reality – a free and safe home of liberty and possibility is only a dream to others. I get to live my dream in DC because of the man and woman I met in Starbucks – and the countless other men and women that serve with them.


I hope you have your own encounter with one of America’s finest today. Take a moment to say thanks; I hope we all remember to pause and pray for these amazing Americans and the contributions they make to the United States and the World.

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