My Easter Weekend... Beyond D.C.

My Easter Weekend... Beyond D.C.


Easter Sunday

I was ambivalent about spending Easter in Washington, D.C. While the city is beautiful this time of year, and I knew the day would be absolutely lovely, I couldn’t help but think about what I would be missing with my family. Easter is such a special day to me… Without Christ’s resurrection, my faith would be futile. Easter Sunday is a reminder of the unfailing hope I have in Christ, and the new life He has given me.


Celebrating Easter Sunday with my family has always been beautiful. My extended family normally meets after Church and grills fajitas, fellowships with one another, and sings in worship as my uncle and brother play acoustics. I cherish the memories we make as we celebrate our faith together. This would be my first Easter celebrating outside of our tradition.


My friend Katy was in a similar situation. Both of us had enjoyed the pleasure of our parents coming to visit the week before, so the prospect of spending the weekend alone felt especially gloomy. My parents had come all the way from San Antonio, TX during their vacation to see me!

My Mom Danna with Me and My Father Andrew


I was blessed that Katy and I both found it to be a perfect weekend for me to come and visit her in Philadelphia.

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The weekend wasn’t full of site-seeing and tourism. It was instead full of laughter, deep conversation, and reflection about Jesus and where God is in our stories and futures. We visited the farmer’s market and local mall, cooked a feast, sipped on wine, and shared our hearts with one another. It was low-key, comfortable, and exactly what my heart needed. It was as if God prepared the weekend especially for our fellowship together. One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to see where Katy works at Swarthmore. The grounds were beautiful and we soaked in the gorgeous weather as we took a walk around the campus and through the gardens. The Holy Spirit seemed to breathe new life in my spirit as the wind blew through the trees and provided a soundtrack of rustling bushes and floral trees brushing against each other in their movement. 


I felt a peace that I have missed in the business of D.C.




We attended Church Sunday morning and prepared an amazing breakfast before I had to leave to come back to the Capitol.

I am so grateful to Katy for opening up her cozy space and offering so much of herself as we talked and spent time around the city.


I left feeling thoughtful about the places the Lord has shown up to take care of me throughout all of my time at TWC. He has shown up BIG. And He has also shown up in quiet whispers, in quiet gardens, in quiet rooms, in quiet songs.


My Grammy and Poppy sent me an Easter package… it felt special to be remembered. In the entire weekend, I can see where God was showing me that He remembers me. Even when my schedule feels busy, in the days I don’t take as much time as I should in His Word, in the moments I feel like all of the hard work isn’t worth it…He sees and cares for me.


And maybe that is part of the beauty of Easter. It doesn’t matter if it is spent in D.C. alone, with friends, with family, egg hunting, Easter bunnies, or even going to church. What really matters is that we take the time to remember HIM, to remember where Jesus loved us so much that He died for us & rose again, defeating death, and now also lives in US.




Christ is Risen! And I have new Life in Him, indeed.

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