Moments in Maine

Moments in Maine

Several months ago, the NRSC asked for volunteers to go to Maine and help promote Republicans on the ballot for the Senate seat. I was fortunate enough to be able to go and the opportunity was one that I will remember for a lifetime because I learned so much in such a short amount of time. My fellow intern Anna was also able to go and the RNC was generous in giving us the week off of our internship to get some real campaign experience.


Getting candidates on the ballot requires a lot of going door to door asking for signatures and support from registered Republicans. This volunteer effort was massive, and our goal was huge for such a small time frame. (We had about two weeks to gather thousands of signatures.) The group of volunteers we met was motivated and excited to help the Party in Maine. I met constituents from Maine and all over the rest of the country. We rotated groups every day, and it was amazing to learn from the more experienced volunteers. Everyone seemed to be in love what they were doing and threw themselves in whatever role needed to be filled, whether it was out on the street or inside of the headquarters.


This was the first time I had ever done any real grassroots campaign work. The week entailed 12+ hours/day of door-to-door, a lot of walking, and a surprising amount of running away from dogs. (haha) It was exhausting. But it was also rewarding. I met so many wonderful people! Several nice couples were so gracious that they invited us in for tea or dinner, or just to warm up a bit. (This Texas girl was so NOT prepared for all that snow!!!) We had to respectfully decline so we could continue our walk of the neighborhoods, but I loved that we were sent off with thanks for what we were doing and their articulated passion for the principles and policy the Republican Party promotes. It was interesting to connect with Republicans from such a different part of the country. No matter the distance, age or gender, there was always one theme that kept repeating itself: a love of state and country.


I tried to snap a couple of pictures to remind myself of the beauty of Maine. I would love to see the state in summertime. Here are a couple of moments I want to always cherish:






And Room Service pretty much made the morning :-)



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