With Love From Texas XOXOXO

With Love From Texas XOXOXO



I have waited so long to write this post because part of me has wanted to maintain my connection to TWC and the city that I fell in love with for as long as possible. With a full heart, I write in this blog for the last time.


As my plane descended into San Antonio, “She’s Like Texas” played on my iTunes. Even my iPhone seemed to be anticipating my arrival back home. I was full of joy as I met with my family and friends, hearing their voices and seeing their faces in person for the first time in five months.




Still, on quiet nights, my thoughts and heart return to Washington, D.C. I greatly miss the nearness of the relationships I left behind. I remember my quiet lunch-time walks, and beauty of the city as it comes alive in the nighttime. I think about the urgency in the pedestrians that line the streets, and the hurry in the metro crowds during rush hours. I miss D.C. happy hour, cherry blossoms, men in suits, high heels every day, living where the news is MADE, potential in every contact, networking events (free food!), business cards, that ding-ding of the metro doors closing, and helping tourists find their way.


Mostly, I miss feeling like I’m where I belong - where knowledge of the day’s news is commonplace, discussion about politics is welcomed, and debate over the issues facing the country can be heard anywhere you go. When I was in D.C., I knew I was right where I was called to be. There is nothing like the peace of knowing you are on the journey God has destined and prepared for you to walk.


As I re-adjust to life back home, I have to admit I feel a little lost. I feel like I left a book open on the other side of the country without getting to sneak a peek at the end. I have one more semester left before graduation, and I am already planning on moving back to the capital city. The memories I made, lessons I learned with the Lord, and connections I built through TWC will serve to motivate and guide the steps that lead to my return. Yet, I am aware that this is where the Lord wants me for now. I don’t want to miss what He may have for me in this season back in Texas.






I wish good luck to all of the current and upcoming Washington Center students. I pray that as you have your own adventures, you find a renewed sense of self, possibility, and hope for the future.


Part of me wishes I could provide you with substantial reflection of my entire semester and review all of its many advantages, opportunities, and experiences. But that’s just not how I want this to end... Because this really, is only the beginning.




Jeremiah 29:11:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


My "Beautiful Love"


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