Getting to Know You...The Internship, that is

Getting to Know You...The Internship, that is


Hello again, Readers! I can't believe another week has passed.


This week was filled mostly with my internship and preparing for our first guests in my C-SPAN class about the Presidency. While I love the rush and adrenaline of a busy schedule, one of the things that I am already learning is how to better manage my time. Keep visiting the site and I'll work on posting more often here on out!


I thought this would be a great week to share a little bit about my internship. I intern at the Republican National Committee (RNC) in a section of the Communications Department called the War Room. The moment I walked in I knew I was right where I belonged...televisions and computers are everywhere; every news channel is accessible in a moment. Most of my time is spent keeping on top of the news, researching what Representatives and candidates say and advocate for, and collecting lists of the breaking news stories of the day. It has been a perfect fit for me. I feel so blessed to enjoy the work I do as an intern! I am excited to do what I do. The RNC takes tremendous care of their interns. We do something fun or interesting together as a group at least once a week, which has become a great time to connect with the interns in other departments and learn more about the other workings within the organization. I have great respect for everyone I have met at the RNC; they have all been welcoming and eager to teach me new things. My supervisor assigns me new projects every day, so I never find myself with a lack of things to do. I love being busy and catching things the moment they happen; the fast pace and sheer quantity of information at my fingertips is amazing to experience every day.


Highlights of the week:

Exploring DuPont Circle over the weekend

Going shopping in the largest mall I have ever seen!

Pentagon City

Going to Church at Capitol Hill Baptist with my new friend, Anna. (Yes, that's her name too!)

My Bible

Visiting a Russian grocery store

Seeing Fox News Commentators in the lobby of the C-SPAN building!

Having lunch with the other interns & RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus.

Basketball game at American University where I had to snap a picture of a patriotic elephant...


This week, we also worked on our Individual Development Plans for TWC. It was quite a bit of work, but thinking about my future goals and action steps was rewarding. I am eager to see how many of my goals I will meet while working in the program and at the RNC. If the IDP sounds intimidating, don't worry! TWC explains exactly what they are looking for, so the hardest part really is the internal reflection.


I love this city. It is so wonderful to get everywhere so easily. There is something special about the buzz, potential and possibility here that gives me the drive to wake up so early every morning and persevere through my studies in the evening. I am having an absolute wonderful time getting to know my roommates Sayya, Monika, and Sarah. We come from all differnt backgrounds, countries, religions and beliefs, but we have come to respect each other and enjoy sharing this journey and our growth together.


Every day I walk by the Capitol and the Library of Congress. I am reminded in those moments that I am truly living a dream. It has been a more difficult week missing my family and friends, but I am thankful for the support of my fellow interns, TWC Staff, and Schreiner University, where I attend in Kerrville. I feel blessed to have met Anna; going to church always feels like going home, whether I have ever been to that building or not. It is comforting to have a friend here that shares that same love of God and fellowship.


I'll post about my adventures at CPAC next time! Until then, stay warm!


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