Finding Your Future at TWC

Finding Your Future at TWC

One of the things I love most about Washington, D.C. is that there is ALWAYS something going on. I didn’t realize how many events, brunches, lunches, interview and panel discussions took place around the city until I began to really branch out in the middle of this semester. I normally find out about these events through my internship, TWC, and a weekly e-mail I receive through In most cases, all you have to do is RSVP and you can attend for free! My supervisor has been very supportive of my desire to go and hear the special speakers and educational presentations. It has been awesome to have an internship gives me the flexibility to attend these events throughout the day or during lunch. Future interns: don’t be shy in asking your supervisor if you can attend an event during the day. A lot of the other interns at TWC have told me their supervisors understand they want to experience as much as they can during their time in D.C.


Last week I attended a lunch hosted by the CATO Institute with Tucker Carlson speaking about “Succeeding in the World of Media and Policy.” This was one of the most memorable lunches I have been to so far. Here’s a little background so you can understand why:


When I first came to DC, I thought that I wanted to pursue a career in policy or politics. As I have gotten to absorb what life in the Capitol looks like, and experience the reality of that kind of career, I have found that my passion most specifically lies in media and journalism. Immersing myself in the coverage of events and policy has shown me that I have a natural attraction to story and narrative. I am drawn to the process of uncovering fact and ultimately being honest about the discourse that leads to the determination of truth. I am not so inclined to the politics of political science as I had originally thought.


Tucker Carlson explained that he believed that the best journalists are the kind of people who know how to truly listen. They are the kind of people that are passionate about story and understand that it is not hard to get people to tell theirs – It’s really not that difficult to get people to talk about themselves. It is the job of the journalist to be quiet and listen, to hear the themes and story within each narrative. Wow. Does that not describe what I love the most about life or what? The stories are hidden within the heart of the interviewee. What an exciting job to hunt for those things and string the facts together. I am smiling just thinking about how I feel especially gifted to do that kind of work. Have I truly found my place? If it weren’t for my experience at TWC and my internship, I don’t think I would have discovered these passions and talents.


I also attended an event sponsored by POLITICO that hosted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. I can’t express how much I enjoy these discussions and encounters with organizations that cover all types of news!!



I have to say that visiting the Newseum several times also awaked my desire to have a part in the coverage of all types of news. There is not a place in the city I have found to be more fascinating or inspiring. There is something special about the role journalists play in our republic – they are the watchdogs, educators, and fact finders that help inform our voting pubic in a way no one else can.



You may come to this program thinking you want to take your career or talents in a certain direction. And you may come here and realize that is exactly what you want to do with your life! But I want all of the future interns with TWC to know that it’s okay if you change your mind. You may come through this program and realize that what sounded great in college is not what you want to do in real life. You may discover an entirely different passion or aspect of work that inspires you more. That’s okay! I think that is one of the best things this program has to offer – real life experience in an environment where you really don’t have anything to lose. You really have everything to gain.

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