Wow. Life feels so busy and full! I feel like I have lived an entire year in just two weeks. I know I promised to blog about CPAC, and that is coming, I promise! I wanted to first talk about this past week and the awesome weekend I had running around the city!




This past week brought us Valentine’s Day… My family showed me lots of love by sending me flowers and a box full of my favorite things! It was a much needed surprise as I have been missing them all so incredibly much.


Another part of what made this weekend so amazing was my friend Katy, who came to visit me from where she works in Philadelphia. It was the best weekend I’ve had yet! Her visit reminded me to continue to stay connected with my heart as I meet new people... and miss my family back home. We went all over the city. One day we visited the WWII Memorial, and the Washington Monument. At the WWII Memorial, we talked to a man who explained the symbolism and different aspects of the monument to us. He was helpful, enthusiastic, and so willing to teach us what he knew. I thought I would love DC because of all of the interesting history and places to go. But really, I'm loving it because of the people...because I'm finding connection in unexpected places.



We also went to the Museum of Art. I got to see works by several of my favorite artists including Degas and Monet. It was difficult to try to see everything. We eventually decided to hit our absolute ‘must-sees’ and I will have to go back through another day. There was so much beauty to be discovered it was overwhelming.



One of my favorite places was the Newseum. It is completely worth the $20 admission. I am an admitted media and news junkie, so this place was full of so many things that spoke to me. One of the most moving exhibits is about 9/11. I watched as a girl wrote a note telling her father she missed and loved him. It was absolutely heartbreaking to walk through the journalism covering that day, but it is impossible to walk among fellow Americans through that place without feeling united in love for our country and the people we remember that make it exceptional.



My heart so enjoyed fellowship with my friend and the conversations we had over the weekend. It was wonderful to see a familiar face sipping coffee across from me. She is so beautiful with such a lovely soul; it was a privilege to entertain her in this great city!


Life continues to be fun with my roommates and my internship!



It also feels busy, and so different from home. I think that’s part of what makes TWC such a valuable experience… Being outside of your comfort zone reveals who you really are and what you stand for. It also makes you value the friends and loved ones back at home who have helped shape you into that person.

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