Navigate to Success: 3 Apps You Need in D.C.

Navigate to Success: 3 Apps You Need in D.C.

There are many lessons that I learned from the United States Marine Corps.  One of the most important lessons that are applicable in Washington D.C. is to adapt and overcome in any situation.


Upon my arrival to D.C., there were a series of questions that ran through my mind like:


  • “How am I going to commute in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible?”
  • “How much will I spend on transportation during my internship?”
  • “Are there any discount programs available for me to utilize?”
  • “What ways can I meet new people through The Washington Center?”
  • “How will I be updated on information relevant to The VET Initiative?”

Luckily for me, The Washington Center is aimed to help students be successful during their time in D.C.  Many of my questions were fully answered during my first week.  The exceptional people that work in The Washington Center significantly alleviated all the concerns that I had.


In the age of modern technology, we have become highly reliant on our mobile devices.  Because of this, I wanted to focus on three apps that will greatly increase your success and save you money during your time here in D.C.  Make sure you take out your phone as I introduce these 3 beneficial apps.



Schoology is a great resource because it provides relevant information in regards to The Washington Center.  Through this application, you are provided with information relevant to your program and robust opportunities to be involved in social activities and civic events.  This app is a MUST HAVE during your time with The Washington Center.




RideSystems is a great app because you are provided with access to a FREE shuttle that can be used between all the residential facilities associated with The Washington Center, Union Station, and Walmart.  Additionally, you are provided with a detailed schedule for when the shuttle is in operation.  When you download the app, be sure to search “TWC” to get started.



D.C. Metro

D.C. Metro connects you with all the channels to commute on either the bus or train.  This is a highly utilized resource for me because I must commute on the train daily.  This app provides you with real-time information on when a bus or train will arrive at the designated stop.  Most likely, if you decide to ride the train, you will have the luxury of riding on the Ride Line to start your travels.  Anywhere else that you decide to go is completely up to you.


Now that you have had the chance to be introduced to this great knowledge; pull out your phone in search in either The Apple Store or Google Play Store to begin your journey to success!  Stay on the lookout for more great content from me in the future!


Your Marine,

Chaze Patrick


About The Author

Chaze Patrick is a motivated Marine Corps veteran who has been selected among the first cohort for the 10-week immersion program: The VET Initiative, facilitated by The Washington Center.  Because of his extreme dedication and motivation, you will typically find him reading a book or engaging in some type of public speaking activity through Toastmasters International.  When he has downtime – which is very seldom – he enjoys getting behind his camera and capturing life as he sees it.


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