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Summer 2016 Cohort Moves In, Begin Internships

One of the largest cohorts of Washington Center students ever arrived in Washington, D.C. last week - beginning the 10 week summer semester program. ... Read More

TWC Hosts Sonoran Women for Professional Development Seminar

The Washington Center hosted 59 women as young as 21 and as old as 83 from Sonora, Mexico for the inaugural Women’s Empowerment in... Read More

The 5 Coolest D.C. Internships You Never Knew Existed

Washington, D.C. has always been known as a fast paced, button up town where politics is all that matters. ... Read More

Spring 2016 Commencement

Another cohort of students from The Washington Center took the next step - completing the 15 week spring 2016 semester. ... Read More



Summer 2016 Commencement

Congratulations on making it through your semester at The Washington Center! ...

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