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Your time here isn't just about your internship. It's about the experiences you have, the friends you meet and the stories you tell when you return home.

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Shaira Cruz from New Jersey City University ready to hear from Face the Nation host, Chuck Todd

Seminar Spotlight: Shaira Cruz, New Jersey City University

Shaira shares her excitement about interacting with media and political figures for two weeks in Washington, D.C.
Global Competencies' Students visit 1776

Global Competencies Participants Discover D.C.'s Booming Tech Industry

Students find out that D.C. is a place where startups can thrive.
Intern Spotlight: Idara Udo-Inyang from Earlham College

Intern Spotlight: Idara Udo-Inyang from Earlham College

Idara shares how she was able to expand her counseling skills, plans for graduate school and the importance…
Emerson students in the NBC News Room

Emerson Students Explore Careers in Media

What do Jay Leno, Norman Lear, and David Foster Wallace all have in common? Of course, they all…
Helene's First Thanksgiving

My First Thanksgiving

Since arriving in D.C. from Belgium, there have been a lot of "firsts." The first time I shared…
Colleen skating with siblings

The Value of Going Home

I decided that I was going to go home for Thanksgiving approximately four days before I got on…
Jana Kelnhofer, Clark University, interned at EMILY's List

Intern Spotlight: Jana Kelnhofer, Clark University

Jana shares her story about how she turned her internship at EMILY's List, into a full-time job.
21 Things to Do in D.C. if You’re Under 21

21 Things to Do in D.C. if You’re Under 21

For some, Washington, D.C. can be a city centered around post-work happy hours, receptions and boozy brunches, but…
Kamari Hunter on the left, during the Race & the American Presidency SMLS event

Intern Spotlight: Kamari Hunter, Earlham College

Kamari talks about his passion for sports and making a career in sports management.
Diary at the Holocaust Museum

Discovering the Past at the Holocaust Museum

Visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.…
Beating stress as an intern

Tip for Beating Stress with Self-Care

Regardless of who you are and what you do, life is bound to throw some challenges at you.…
TWC Global Festival

Exploring the World at TWC's Global Festival

One of my favorite program events. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for it!