Roundtable on Philanthropy & Social Responsibility

Roundtable on Philanthropy & Social Responsibility

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Jul 23, 20123:00 PM
1005 3rd Street, NE, Washington, DC
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The public sphere in America is currently undergoing a profound evolution. Whereas the federal government was once the single central hub in virtually all networks of power, today it is only one hub among many in a vast web of relationships and networks. We still look to the federal government, of course, to help with our biggest problems. But today we are less confident in its ability to solve them on its own, and we look increasingly to other kinds of entities and networks to be a part of the solutions.


Today’s concepts of corporate citizenship and philanthropy are also evolving. The private sector—including corporations, foundations and individual philanthropists—has growing influence in shaping our lives. We look to the private sector to create jobs, individual philanthropists transform communities, and when disaster strikes private organizations are often the first on the scene with the expertise and capability to fix things.


The Washington Center invites you to join in conversation with some of the leaders in today’s private philanthropic community for the Roundtable on Philanthropy and Social Responsibility. Together we will explore new avenues for addressing our most pressing problems and advancing our national project of forming a more perfect union here and around the world.



William McGinly, Ph.D.


Association for Healthcare Philanthropy

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Scott Sapperstein, J.D.

Executive Director, Public Affairs

AT&T External & Legislative Affairs

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Aaron Sherinian

Vice President, Communications and Public Relations

United Nations Foundation

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Kevin Webb


Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

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Anna Cable

Program Manager

Tomodachi Initiative

U.S.-Japan Council

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