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Sonora 100 Program

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Become a Champion for the Sonora 100 Program

The Opportunity

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Sonoran government of Mexico. We invite you to join Governor Claudia Pavlovich - Sonora, Mexico in supporting the youth of Sonora by hosting an intern this spring. Governor Pavlovich and the Sonoran government are partnering with The Washington Center to create an opportunity for 100 youth to come to Washington DC over the next year.


Program overview

Sonora 100 is a fifteen-week professional development program that focuses on learning about and developing cross-sector partnerships to strengthen civil society and address social challenges. The first cohort of 50 Sonoran university students will arrive in January 2017.


Program Learning Objectives

By participating in all components of Sonora 100 students will be able to:

  • Develop a strong understanding of the concept of civil society, its potential to address social issues, as well as the role and function of civil society in the U.S., Mexico and other parts of the world;
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration skills by working on teams and developing a project/initiative that will support youth development in Sonora, Mexico;
  • Strengthen key global skills such as cross-cultural understanding, leadership, public speaking, social responsibility, innovation, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and networking skills through participation in guided teambuilding exercises, discussions, workshops, a capstone project and other program activities.

Program Components

Professional Development Training (Internship): Students will intern at their assigned internship locations four days per week (32hours).


Civil Society and Project Development Course: The course will be designed and taught by George Mason University Faculty, led by Dr. Alan Abramson, School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs.


Professional Development and Leadership Programming: Students will participate in professional development and leadership programming designed to help them communicate their value to potential future employers.


Portfolio: Students will work to build a portfolio of documents that reflect their development through the semester. The portfolio will include documents such as an individual development plan, various reflective assignments and professional work samples.


The Interns

The students are proficient in English, between the ages of 21- 29 of various majors, with an interest learning about civil society organization and have completed at least 50 percent of their college career.


Program Dates and Schedule

Internship Placement and Visa Process: November to December 2016

Program Student Orientation: January 24-27, 2017

Internship: January 30 to May 11, 2017 (4 days per week)


What are the benefits of being a Champion of Sonora 100?

In today's interconnected world, we need to be more internationally aware and cross-culturally adept. Hosting an intern from Sonora is a great way to achieve this. In addition, your organization can gain:

  • Young, eager and energetic intern to bring an infusion of fresh ideas, new perspective and out of the box thinking to your organization;
  • An international perspective;
  • Bi-lingual language skills;
  • Expert support from The Washington Center team on how to host an intern;
  • Exclusive access to the Sonora 100 network organizations and invitations to special events and training sessions.

How to become a Champion of the Sonora 100 program?

Welcome! To begin the placement cycle follow these steps:

  • Complete and return the TWC Spring 2017 Interns Form.
  • Be sure to tell us how many interns you would like to host.
  • The Sonora Site Relations Manager – Pam McLendon will review your form and then contact you.
  • Based on your needs, selected student profiles will be sent for your review.
  • You may choose to interview the potential intern.
  • Let Pam know your interest in a candidate(s) then a placement will be made if that student(s) is still available.
  • Once a match is made, the J-1 Visa officer will contact you for processing J-1 Visa paperwork.

At any time in the process of becoming a Champion of Sonora 100, please don’t hesitate to call Pam McLendon in the TWC Site Relations office at 202-238-7906.

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