States Benefit From Students' Internships
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Students say The Washington Center changes their lives. This internship program opens doors to long and successful careers. It sparks fresh ideas, creative thinking, and a passion for the people and communities students call home. Individual students gain much from their internships, but the benefits for states and local communities are extensive as well.
Workforce Training for 21st Century Professionals

States must continue to explore all available avenues to ensure its university and college student body are ready for professional positions in this 21st century economy, including careers in science and technology. The Washington Center continues to be an ideal fit not only for students majoring in political science, communications and business, but also majoring in environmental sciences, engineering, physics, biology, and other science and math-based majors.

Reversing the “Brain Drain"

Ninety percent of TWC alumni live outside the Washington, D.C., area. Students come to Washington and learn about policy and business. They gain insight into the professional working world, and become equipped with the confidence, skills and sense of purpose that leads them back to their home states ready to assume leadership roles and professional opportunities.

Obtaining Jobs

TWC’s program helps university and college students become more educated, better prepared and more civically-minded. In many cases, an internship leads to a student’s first professional position in the private, nonprofit or government sectors, spurring local economies and building a generation of new leaders connected with their communities.

Experience a Day in the Life of an Intern at The Washington Center

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