Building Your Workforce Development Program

Building Your Workforce Development Program

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Here are a few suggestions based on TWC’s extensive experience for anyone currently developing a contract vehicle to launch an internship program, recruit excellent students and ensure a high quality experience for all involved.


Develop the Scope of Your Internship Program

  • Identify your overall goals for the internship program; for example, determine whether you’re filling mission-critical needs, diversify your workforce, or attracting specific skills.
  • Determine how many students would you would like to sponsor.
  • Set a length (semester, summer, year-long) that is most appropriate for your agency.
  • Identify the most appropriate majors or skill sets for your organization.
  • Choose where will the interns will be based (Washington, D.C., or regional locations).
  • Determine the cost (look at GSA schedule or speak to The Washington Center for an unofficial quote).

Develop a Statement of Work (SOW) and Project Description

  • Detail what you are expecting the contractor to deliver.
  • Consider what will make a successful internship program.
  • Consider what institutional experience the contractor should have.
  • Identify other services you would like to provide to your students. For example: housing, travel facilitation, supplemental training activities, facilitation of academic credit, etc.
  • Summarize the tasks students will work on in the project description.

Contact your Contracting Officer

  • Provide them with SOW and the scope of your internship program needs; they will give you instructions on next steps.
  • Please let them know that TWC currently holds a GSA schedule contract that simplifies contracting with the government.
  • They will develop a Request For Quote (RFQ).

The Contracting Officer will then solicit bids from two to three likely sources

  • We suggest that agencies solicit their bids through GSA Ebuy. We have found this enables us to submit the quotes much more quickly and easily.
  • The Washington Center will respond to the solicitation on Ebuy.

Once the Contract is Approved, a Purchase Order (PO) is Created and Sent to the Vendor

  • If The Washington Center is the chosen vendor, targeted recruiting efforts begin at this point.
  • One contract vehicle you may want to consider when talking with your Contracting Officer is the Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). We can provide more information on the BPA upon request.

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