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: Cultivating a New Generation of Leaders

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Studies repeatedly show that internships provide the best return on investment for recruiting new talent to an organization. Intern recruits tend to stay with their employers longer, minimizing the impact of turnover on an organization. The Washington Center can be your link to a diverse, highly talented pool of candidates who may be interested in converting to permanent employment upon graduation.

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By the Numbers

  • 25% of TWC’s students interning in federal agencies are converted directly to full-time employment, three times the national average of 6.6% in the federal government.
  • 69% of TWC’s students are inclined to choose a career in public service.

Custom Programs

The Washington Center is able to provide customized support to our various federal agency partners no matter the size or scale of the program. Programs can also be developed outside Washington, D.C.; TWC manages internship programs across the country for many different federal agencies.


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