Academic Credit Model

Academic Credit Model

: for seminars at TWC

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Academic seminars are short-term participatory learning programs that involve influential speakers, site visits, small group discussion sessions, workshops and other planned activities allowing students to explore specific topics under the guidance of qualified faculty. Some programs have additional components, such as fieldwork assignments, mentors-for-a-day or a simulation.

While The Washington Center does not award credit, each seminar is designed to be worthy of academic credit at students’ home institutions. Most institutions award academic credit for successful completion of an academic seminar as follows:


  • One week seminar: 1-2 credits
  • Two week seminar: 2-4 credits

Academic credit is awarded by most institutions based on the evaluation provided by The Washington Center, as well as the student's completion of any additional requirements that the institution deems appropriate (e.g., a research paper). Students from semester schools sometimes register for these credits in the fall or spring semester preceding or following the academic seminar.


The Washington Center does not require students to enroll for academic credit for our seminars, but given the significant work involved, many like to have the option available to them. Regardless of the credit arrangement, students are required to attend and participate in seminar sessions, complete reading requirements, complete a structured academic journal, prepare an essay or even conduct an informational interview.

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